Image result for SpeechlessSpeechless by Jennifer Mook-Sang


A boy nicknamed Jelly for his initials J.A.M. enjoys playing video games with his best friend P.B. (also his initials) rather than anything to do with school… Until a speech contest comes up. Now Jelly isn’t known for doing anything like a speech contests. The only reason Jelly is doing this is because of the prize for the winner, a new fancy stylist and a new game console. Every year each student does a speech, usually Jelly mumbles through the whole thing and in the end Victoria Viscount wins it all. Victoria is Jelly biggest enemy. This year Jelly was determined to beat Victoria. He would get the game console and he would finally get the chance to beat Victoria. Jelly can’t think of a topic to write it on so P.B. and his teacher help him, but in the end none of them seem right for him. When it’s time to present their speeches in front of the class Jelly decided on a topic. He did his speech so well the class couldn’t believe it. Jelly makes it to the finals with Victoria and one of her friends. But something happened the next day behind Jelly’s back. No one would talk to him. Victoria told him its because people think that he took his speech right off the internet. The principle checked over Jelly’s references and there was no sign of cheating, so he made an announcement that in the contest no one cheated and the finals would take place. At first Jelly wasn’t his best but he found his spot and then he went on. His speech was great and the whole crowd was cheering. But in the end Jelly came second to Victoria. During this he realized that winning wasn’t the point of the contest it was the effort put into it and actually trying.

I think this is a great book and it’s a really good book for learning that winning isn’t the point of everything, it’s that you know you tried your best and that knowing maybe next time you can do even better and win! I like the last part of the book when Jelly says

” I wont lie; it was a ginormous letdown that I didn’t win the speech competition. I really wanted that tablet. But what I wanted most of all was to beat Victoria. So I didn’t exactly get what I wanted. But neither did she.”

You should read this book because it is an interesting book but also it has a great lesson. Jennifer Mook-Sang is a great author. I like her style of writing in Speechless and the words she uses.