I am Princess by Cherie Priest

Hmmm…this book was really interesting. It was really DARK though. I mean, basic murderer mystery…right? Not! It was so full of plot twists, I thought that I was stuck. In a book maze! (Haha…the irony) It was murder mystery… with a lot more! It was so emotional, maybe I even shed some tears! Hey. I said maybe. Anyways, enough with my rambling. Let’s start wayyy at the beginning. Once upon a time, two best friends named Libby and May, who bonded over an imaginary girl that they made up by sidewalk chalk. Then, they continued to make up stories about her. How she saves animals, stuff like that.

Then. Suddenly. Libby *supposedly* dies! May starts grieving and locks away all her notebooks and journals, all dedicated the Princess X and moves away. One day, she returns to Seattle (Where the book takes place) and finds a Princess X poster. It seems totally normal at first. I mean she never did release them so…WAIT WHAT?!

Okay, so Libby *supposedly* died drowning, and May now only learns the whole online comic dedicated to princess X, which only she and Libby knew about. Is there- is there a way that Libby is alive? So there’s your cliff-hanger, you’re welcome. There is way more drama to this book, even space for romance! So, if you’re looking for an all in one book of awesomeness, I totally recommend it! I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for reading!