Wesley James Ruined My Life by Jennifer Honeybourn

Hah. Let me tell you guys my genius plan. No spilling the beans, all right?! Okay, here goes Wesley James Ruined My Lifenothing: So, step 1: Put on some expensive clothes and pretend to be an awesome model from Hollywood or something. Step 2: Run off to Antarctica with this book. Step 3: Read it over until I’ve memorized it or have it drilled into my brain. Step 4: Feed it to the penguins and pretend nothing happened. Step 5: Well, why don’t you be grateful that there isn’t really a step 5? 🙂 So, what do you think? Amazing, right? (Yeah, not really) But hey, who knows, maybe one day Jennifer Honeybourn will throw out her books in the air and let us keep them! Life is SO unpredictable. 😉

Now that this whole ‘genius plan’ has taken a back row seat in my brain, lets get on and actually discuss the book. (With me doing all the talking, but…that’s all right). So. The title states that some person named Wesley James ruined some mortal human’s life. But, who is this ‘human’? Let’s give a round of applause to the beloved QUINN!!!!! 🙂 *Sends fireworks through the air* *POW*. Quinn’s life is, as much as I hate to say, quite problematic. Her grandmother is sent to a nursing home, her dad’s addiction to gambling has sparked up again, and (the infamous) Wesley James has reappeared in her life. When Wesley is hired at Tudor Tymes, things get even worse. But why? Well, obviously because Quinn works there too! So, Quinn’s brain starts to formulate a genius plan (but obviously my genius plan is better! 😉 😉 Yeah…no.) She plans to get Wesley fired. But things get complicated when she starts falling for him. Yep. From there on, I swept through the whole book in the blink of an eye. No, seriously. I think I was opening my eyes the whole time I was reading. 🙂

Obviously, if you couldn’t already tell, I adored this book! Honestly, when Jennifer Honeybourn came to Richmond Public Library for the creative writing program and asked, “Do you have a favorite book?” I had no idea what to say. I was debating between like 100 books! But after reading this book, I know my answer clear as day: Wesley James Ruined My Life by Jennifer Honeybourn. 🙂