Draw the Line by Laurent Lin

This book is about a boy named Adrian Piper, he’s an artist, geek, and gay! It tells about how Adrian Piper is dealing in a school where being gay is treated with disdain from the majority, even though the time frame was set in a modern day. He also owns a webcomic about a superhero named “Graphite” who lives on the dark side of the moon, while contemplating his need for a male companion. The comic mirrors his daily life and depicts his feeling to a particular event in his life.

This book is fairly new and is slice-of-life. I particularly enjoyed how it had pictures and snips of Adrian’s comic in it, and how accurately showed the mind of an artist and what’s on their mind while drawing (since I’m an artist myself).  There is one scene in the book where Adrian did the sexual interaction with “somebody” but it was really vague to figure out what it was. Like ‘really’ vague, the pictures doesn’t even help. Overall, it’s a great book to read and I would rate it a 4.7/5.