In Some Other Life by Jessica Brody

In Some Other Life is a real life story about a girl who decided to decline her acceptance to Windsor Academy (a private school) and decides to attend a public school and the reason behind it is because her crush (Austin) attends that school and he recently asked her out. But soon, she saw Austin kissing her best friend and from there, she regretted declining her acceptance to Windsor Academy. The next day, she fell and hit her head where she wakes up in “another” universe and is a senior at Windsor Academy and is the coolest, smartest, popular person she wanted to be… but is she actually happy?

The quote on the back of the book says “The first thought that enters my mind as I watch my boyfriend kissing my best friends is: You chose wrong. Not the wrong boyfriend. And not even the wrong best friend. But the wrong life.” And i partially agree because you shouldn’t “follow” your best friend or your boyfriend. You should follow what you think is best for you even if that means that you aren’t in the school as your boyfriend.

I recently borrowed this book from the library because my friend suggested it cause she knows that I like real life stories. I like this book because I guess it’s pretty relatable and I like the way the author wrote it as if she was Kennedy (the girl)