Peace, Love, And Baby Ducks by Lauren Myracle

Baby ducks…… soooo cuuteee, right? Don’t like ducks? We’ll work our way around that Peace, Love, and Baby Ducksthought. But…..drumroll please……Lauren Myracle did it again! This book is filled with cuteness of baby ducks, a girl fighting to be different, and one fighting to be like her sister. Doesn’t sound like much now, but wait till you read it! I personally expected way less, which is saying A LOT, since I have been known to have high expectations for books. Especially for authors who have written books that I loved in the past. For Lauren Myracle, this was definitely the case. 🙂 I have just recently read Thirteen and The Infinite Moment of Us; also books by Lauren Myracle-both books had stunned me!

This one of Lauren Myracle’s masterpieces, however, was not like the others. This one is about sisterly friendships-and fights. The older sister, Carly, was always the one who wanted to be ‘different’. But a good different. Something like: praying that her hairy legs would dissapear, or.. developing a sudden beauty. But things fire backwards when Anna, her younger sister, becomes ‘hot’ over the summer. And she’s only fourteen! She’s like a tourist attraction centre all over the school! Boys drool at the sight of her, while girls envy her beauty. Carly starts to feel jealous, oblivious to the fact that a boy named Roger has been crushing on her long before Anna turned ‘hot’. But not only that, Anna and Carly have been fighting more and more than usual. Usually, a little bickering will go on here and there, but now, the sisters might, even, by chance, end up ignoring each other for a week! Both girls have their own problems, and sisters aren’t just there for nothing, right?! 🙂

I found myself feeling like I was in Carly (and Anna’s) shoes, multiple times. I have a little brother and no sisters, so I can’t imagine what it’s like to have a sister, but based on my friends’ rants about how unfair it is to only own hand-me-downs, I can sort of guess the feeling. 🙂 I trust that anyone who reads this book will be charmed by its hilarious pages of fun in the sun, and annoying pages of not-so fun in the sun. Happy reading! 🙂 (As you can see this book is one of my favorites as it is the longest review so far…;)