Image result for ready player one bookOkay, I’m sorry, but this review is going to be just me ranting about how the movie didn’t really do the book any justice, so brace yourself. There are probably a lot of spoilers.

Summary: Wade Watts lives in the year 2045, a time when most (the entirety) of the population is on a virtual world called the Oasis all day. That’s because, well, with global warming and stuff, no one really wants to be in the real world. When the creator of the Oasis died a few years ago, he left a viral video behind saying that all of his riches, along with ownership of the world, are locked away somewhere like Easter Eggs, and that whoever finds his three keys will inherit it. This led to a giant surge of people trying to desperately find the keys, but as more time passes, people gradually gave up. Until one day, Wade stumbles upon the first key that no one has ever found before.

I really didn’t like how the movie changed a giant section of the plot. For example: Almost all the things Wade and his friends had to do to get the keys were changed. Instead of the original maze/ dungeon like thing for the first key, the movie changed it into car racing, with the key awarded to whoever can reach the end first. Sure, car races are more engaging than playing a video game against a skeleton dude, but still!!!!! You can’t just change so much of the content of the book! I mistakingly brought my six year old sister with me to the theater, assuming that the movie will be like the book, but she really hated many scenes, especially that horror movie bit. I’m sure some of you actually liked the movie, so keep in mind this is entirely my own opinion. Sorry if I have offended you.