Image result for puddin' bookPuddin’ by Julie Murphy

“Don’t break the rules, change ’em”- Quote from cover

Goodness me! I don’t know how Julie Murphy did it, but she did. I am a huge fan of Julie Murphys after reading Dumplin’, her first book, and now Puddin’, the sequel. Seriously, I think Julie Murphy is some magical fairy unicorn incorporated in a human body!(Though unicorns can’t write). 🙂

This book is about a girl named Millie who is a ‘fat’ girl. She even calls herself fat! Each year, her parents send her to fat camp to lose weight, but this year, Millie has other goals. She wants to become a broadcast journalist- and to kiss her longtime crush. Then there’s Callie- a.k.a. stuck up mean girl. She has everything: an awesome mom, a perfect boyfriend, beauty, next in line for dance team captain, and a group of girls that follow her around like ducklings. But when Callie experiences a downfall on literally everything, she goes from the nickname “Popular girl” to “Girl who hangs out with the fatty”. But little did she expect to actually become good friends with Millie, and she finds out more about herself than she ever did with her dance team ‘friends’. I would rate this book a 6 out of 5 if it were even possible!