This book is a brilliant retelling of the Related image
classic Phantom of the Opera book by Leroux. Rune Germain, a seventeen year old teenager with a mysterious affliction contributing to her operatic talent, was sent off to a French arts conservatory for her senior year by her mother, in hopes that creative direction will help her. This opera-themed school is located in an opera house with ties to the phantom of the opera.

At RoseBlood, Rune befriends Thorn, a mysterious and elusive violinist, who guides her through not only guides her musical transformation through dreams seeminglu more real than reality itself, but also knows about who she is behind her masks. As the two discover an otherworldly connection and experience a blossoming romance connecting them through the soul, Thorn must choose to lead Rune to her doom, or face the wrath of the phantom that has haunted the opera house for a century, and is the only father he’d ever known.

I loved A.G. Howard’s Splintered series, which is a modern retelling of Alice in Wonderland with a twist. As expected, this series doesn’t disappoint. Both of them are so amazing!!!!!