The Forgotten Book

The Forgotten Book by Mechthild Glaser 

The Forgotten Book is the second book of Mechthild Glaser that I have ever read and I read it because I very much enjoyed the first one and I thought this was going to be a sequel to The Book Jumper, which I have also reviewed. Unfortunately, it was not, but this entirely new story is still so intriguing that I was drawn in anyways. The plot is very complicated and always keeps you guessing, there are many very well written false leads that kept directing me to the wrong path and answer so I was SO shocked when I got to the ending. One thing that sets this book apart from others is that it is actually translated, as was The Book Jumper, because the writer originally wrote this in German, her first language I would assume. I found it amazing that even after being translated, the book was still super descriptive and captivating with just the right amount of adjectives and characterization. I loved meeting the characters and watching them figure things out while going through some major development themselves as well. There were also multiple plots circling and that gave it a little extra touch of special. Overall, this book was a 4/5 stars because I found it a bit cliche that the ending was so resolved but I like it that way because then I don’t have to deal with any of the extra heartbreak. I have a summary below if you want to see what it is generally about.


This story is about a girl named Emma, who attends a prestigious boarding school named Stolzenburg, at which, her father is the principal. One day, she discovers an ancient book in the Stolzenburg library. After some trial and error, she finds out that whatever she writes in the book will come true. At first, she thinks that it is very unique and magical and just cannot be harmful in anyway, but after more discoveries, she finds out that the book is in fact hiding a very dark secret within its pages. With the help of Stolzenburg alumni, Darcy de Winter, still looking for his lost sister, she finds out more and more about the book’s history as well as the disappearance of Darcy’s beloved twin.

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