Stronger Than You KnowStronger Than You Know by Jolene Perry

Okay, this book is not about my life (just to clarify) even though my name is the same as the protagonist in this book, Joy. Joy lived for most of her life in fear in the trailer of her abusive mother. But thankfully, now at 15, she has escaped from this torture-but not unscarred. She has an unspeakable trauma deep within her, and anxiety that kills her more and more each day. However, she learns that she must testify in her mother’s trial, and she is terrified to bring back the memories of the past.

Also, as a warning, this book is about some pretty terrible abuse. So if you don’t like reading about that then steer clear of this book. I just picked this book up randomly at my local library, and I don’t regret my choices. I loved all the characters’ flaws and achievements. They are memorable, and touching.