Warcross by Marie Lu 

Marie Lu has always been a favourite author of mine, as she had me hooked on her previous series, Young Elites and Legend. So when Warcross came out and I had the chance to give it a read, I was not at all surprised by how much I enjoyed the book :). I am a very huge fan of reading and I have a list of 30 books/series that have left me astonished, and needless to say, Warcross is on that list. I’m going to be reviewing and summarizing the books on my list over this summer so do look out for them as they are truly amazing. Back to Warcross, I give this book a full 5/5 stars and I cannot wait for the second book, which sadly, has not come out yet.

Summary Below:

This story is kind of an extension on what was briefly mentioned in the last book of the Legend series: A place where everything is linked to a digital world that is an integral part of daily life. Don’t worry, I will explain. In Legend, the main characters ventured briefly into a country where doing everyday things could earn you points in the virtual world of a video game that has basically taken over every single citizen’s lives. So, for example, watering a plant might earn you 1 point and drinking a cup of water, another point. “Players” with the most points would then become famous and known by anyone who plays the game as well. In Warcross, this idea is evolved on. Warcross is the digital game that has taken over, and it was invented by a young genius, Hideo Tanaka, barely in his twenties. Emika Chen, the main character, has a way with technology and she is an extremely talented hacker. She is hired by Hideo to find out who has been messing with his game’s programming. As they work together, Emika earns points from meeting the creator of the game, entering the company headquarters etc, and these points cumulate to the point where she becomes a VERY well-known Warcross celebrity. But as the story continues, we learn about Hideo’s past and his reasons for creating this game, this just creates more mystery and the entire plotline just completely baffles me. It is honestly so amazing that Marie Lu could create such a complicated storyline with so many components but that’s what I love about her writing, just when you thought it couldn’t get more mysterious, it does. So again, full 5/5 stars, AMAZING read, definitely recommend.