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Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

Have you ever seen Jurassic park, the movie? well, I did and it was a good movie. Well, then do you know that the movie was actually originated from a book from Michael Crichton? some people may not know this but just like the movie, Jurassic Park is a good book too. Here is a brief description of the book. Mankind has finally developed a way to clone dinosaurs and Ingen has put the dinosaurs in Isla Nublar, intending to create a zoo, where people can see dinosaurs who went extinct 65 million years ago- for a price. Ingen has allowed park “testers” to come in and take a look on the park. On the day the “testers” come, an unexpected betrayal from one of the park staff leads to dinosaurs escaping their cages and holding pens. When a T-rex attacks attacks a tour vehicle, the lives of the guests are in turmoil and they are forced to survive until help arrives. the guests must work together to survive the dinosaurs of Jurassic park, or become lunch for the dinosaurs…

With more species of dinosaurs and more interesting scenes never shown in the movies, this book is sure to keep you reading over the summer. Check out the library for the sequel too, The lost world, also written by Michael Crichton. Enjoy! Happy readings!