Everything, EverythingEverything Everything by Nicola Yoon

This book of love, loss, grief, wonder, despair, sadness, lies, and so much more. It is about a girl named Madeline who is ‘allergic’ to the outside world. She takes online classes, talks with teacher by facetime, and learns about her disorder: Severe Combined Immunodeficiency. This limits her to only meeting face to face with two people: her mother and her nurse. However, new neighbors move in, and there is a gorgeous boy who sparks energy in Madeline by writing words on her window: Hi, Good Morning, and Good Night. His name is Olly. After that, things get more exciting by the millisecond. Olly is permitted to visit Madeline, on one condition: She does not move closer than one metre apart. More and more, Madeline seems to fall for Olly, and she realizes that: love can’t kill her; hopefully. A book of romance and suspense, I recommend this to anyone looking for a wonderful summer read.