Image result for cracked bookCracked by K. M. Walton

Cracked indeed. This book has so many cracks, yet no cracks at all. It is a flawless portrait of two kids, and yet a book with cracks all over, with holes to big to cover up. This book made me cry, laugh, smile, punch the wall. It is about two kids, Bull and Victor. These two kids go way back, with memories not so great to be remembered. When they end up in the same psychiatric ward, they both know that this is a formula for disaster. However, through the wall, they find cracks that lead to one another, and find the many connections between themselves, and find so much more than they thought they could! When they receive therapy together, they find out that they have so much more in common than just a bad life! I recommend that you read this somewhere quiet, and filled with walls to punch, as there will be times where you feel the two kids’ depression, and you will in fact feel like screaming. 🙁 😉