Image result for agent of chaos bookThis books follows 17-year old Fox Mulder as he investigates a series of child abductions and murders near his new home, Washington, D.C. He is determined to save the latest victim before she is killed, while trying to solve the mysterious disappearance of his younger sister five years ago. Assisted by Gimble, his best friend at his new school, and Phoebe, his long-time crush and childhood friend, Mulder tries to outwit the murderer before he can strike again, and look for connections to his missing sister. In the process, he gets sucked into a world where conspiracy theories, the occult, and madness overlap.

For your information, I’ve never watched the X-Files, but this book was intriguing nevertheless. After reading this book, I may even consider watching the TV show, or at least read a summary of it as I liked the characters so much.