Black Beauty - Sewell, AnnaBlack Beauty by Anna Sewell

Okay, okay, I may have let a little fib slip. Remember when I said how Anne of the Green Gables was one of my very favorite books? Well, I realized that I may have read this book, Black beauty, over 50 times! (43, to be exact) I actually own 3 different copies of Black Beauty at home! Two of them are so worn out and the pages have yellowed so much that I can’t really distinguish the words from tear and tea stains! Yes, I admit, Black Beauty was a little sad, and I may have cried a little. I KNOW, WIERD, RIGHT? I cry over books and not movies.

Anyhoo, Black Beauty is the name of a horse in the 19th century England, who gets passed on from his first master to his second, from his second master to his third, and so on. He meets countless amounts of horrible, cruel masters, but also, in turn, finds a few kind ones. Black Beauty’s journey is retold in this beautiful tale.