It’s been a while since a good book has caught my eye enough to tear myself away from all the homework and all the rush of life, but this book is definitely amazing! Even though this wasn’t the paranormal novel I would prefer to read, I didn’t even miss the genre because there was enough of everything else to satisfy me. The novel was that well wrote!

Charlotte Reynolds, is known as Charlie, a sixteen-year old surrounded by a family of boys. Her challenges are seen when she struggles to just be feminine, when she begins working at a cute little boutique to be more responsible and pay for that speeding ticket she got! With something similar to a double life, she deals with it by having chats ON THE FENCE, with her neighbour and someone who is so close to their family that he practically lives at her house – Braden. This just leads to a lot of interesting events, which cannot be spoiled, but all I can do is urge you to give this book a chance!

On the Fence is a nice short read, that you will not be able to put down. Although it might seem a little stereotypical, the viewpoint and perspective of Charlie is so intriguing that it just keeps everything going. All the humor, the world of a girl struggling to be a girl, and all the drama that comes with three overprotective brothers is captivating. The storytelling sucks you in and has you cheering even harder for Charlie. It talks about regular themes in life that happen often that people can relate to, but makes it fun, romantic, and humorous! People who just want a short break and a beautiful story and plot with no sad ending will love this! It helps you keep up the optimism! Kasie West definitely deserves a huge round of applause for this book, and as a romantic who only wishes for happy endings, I enjoyed every second!