Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon

Madeleine Whittier is the 18 year old protagonist who is smart, creative and has an artistic personality, which is imprisoned in her house, due to a rare disease called SCID, which makes her allergic to most thing in and around the atmosphere. Living with Maddy is Carla, a nurse who has been brought to help take care of Maddy. Everything goes normal, until her new neighbors move in next door. Maddy starts observing her new neighbors, taking notice of their daily schedule and behavioural patterns. She particularly watches Olly, an unpredictable acrobatic person, who happens to live right across Maddies bedroom. Soon the new family settles, and brings a cake to Maddy, but her mom declines, afraid that it could affect Maddy’s allergies. Olly and his sister brings the cake back, angering their alcoholic father. Olly writes his email on his window, and soon the both of them become friends. Soon she asks, and begs Carla to let him come over. Reluctant, she allows it. Slowly, Maddy drifts closer to Olly, and farther away from her mom. Carla threatens to stop Maddy from meeting Olly, if she doesn’t get closer to her mom. Soon Maddies mom, finds about the meetings, thus firing Carla, and grounding Maddy by taking away the WiFi. Bored with her life, Maddy decides to runaway with Olly, to Hawaii, to find about if she is actually sick and to finals live her life, for the first time in 18 years, even if it means costing Maddy, her life.

I would rate this book a 5/5 as it was really good. It was Humorous and the plot was good. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Real Life stories, although this is fiction.