Rebellion is the third and last book of the Renegade trilogy. This time, Evelyn is trying to stop her mImage result for rebellion ja soudersother from ruling Elysium, the underwater world that once used to be what Evelyn called HOME. With the help of her friends, Asher and Gavin, she desperately tries to rescue the citizens of Elysium, one by one. But her plans don’t work, and her mother is always in the way as if she has a device to know exactly where Evelyn is. The only safe place for her and her friends is The Underground, a secret dimension beside The Elysium. That’s when Evelyn learns that she still has a mission to complete. She has to banish her mother from Elysium and restore all of her citizens’ memories.

I feel that the third book could’ve improved a bit more because the book started with…action. And, to be honest, I was completely lost. I was really excited for the conclusion, but even after finishing the book, I am still lost on some things that happened.

Then, at the end, there were only questions. Lots and lots of questions. If there would’ve been a 4th book, this would’ve been fine, but as a trilogy, there shouldn’t be any more questions. It should feel clear who won or lost, but instead, the author wrote down many unanswered questions, and no real conclusion was written. Another confusing part was when, apparently, Evelyn found the key to taking down Mother but at the end of the book, Evelyn is still in her mother’s power! My reaction was WHAT?! Is there some sort of mistake? The ending definitely didn’t do a very good job of explaining the plot twist.

I am sorry to say that I am pretty disappointed. I expected a great, twisty book with fun and excitement, but instead, there was only questions, and few answers.

To me, the only interesting and pretty awesome part of the story is the cover. The cover features Evelyn, holding a rose and standing in a tube-like street, and if she looks up, there will be whales swimming just above her head.

I recommend the first two book of this trilogy, but unless you don’t care about horrible endings, then you can try the last one, but I definitely don’t really recommend it. I only rate this book a 2.5 out of 5.