Renegade is a special book who’s title means a lot. It means a person who deserts and betrays someone. In the book, it Related imageis Evelyn’s mother who betrays her world. Evelyn was adopted by her mother, a seemingly sweet woman who gives Evelyn everything she could possibly wish for. Evelyn and her mother live underwater, in a world named Elysium. To Evelyn, nothing could possibly be better. She has servants, guards, and people who respect her. She is a training to be a Daughter of the People. One day, when a Surface Dweller named Gavin, (whom the people of Elysium find dangerous), wanders unexpectedly upon Evelyn’s world. After Evelyn asks him multiple questions about the Surface, she comes to a realization. Every time she goes to meet her Therapist, her memories get erased, and she will obey only her mother’s orders. At last, she makes a plan. She will escape from the Elysium with Gavin. But it isn’t easy at all.

What was interesting about this book was the fact that whales can sing, according Evelyn. I reached that conclusion when Evelyn was watching the scene outside of her glass dome, also known as… her home. Then, out of apparently nowhere, a whale starts burping, and then another whale joins in, creating a song. I think that though it sounds pretty insane, it is all the same very intriguing, to imagine that animals can sing.

When I first saw the name of the author, I thought it seemed kind of Deja Vu. Until now, I hadn’t realized why, but now I remember. The author of Wonder, is named R. J. Palacio. The author of Renegade, however, is J. A. Sounders. Even though the two are pretty different, they have 2 letters at the start of their name, and their writing styles are very similar.

I have also realized that some of the coincidences in this book go too smooth, like when Evelyn suddenly gets a vague idea that a door is behind the brick wall, and surprisingly, it does. There was also when Gavin miraculously knows how to use the Magic Wand to heal people, when he hasn’t ever learned the rules and law of Elysium.

I rate this book a 4 out of 5 because I feel that it was both intriguing and continuously hilarious. I did give only 4, because I think the author should have included more detail and adventure. Also, the author seems to really like the saying, From the tips of my toes to the roots of my hair. But anyway’s it’s still a very good read! I recommend this to anyone who likes fantasy!