How old would you expect a detective to be? Normally, probably around 30-40. But Ruby RedforImage result for ruby redfort look into my eyest is only 13. She’s a genius detective. It all started when she was two years old. Ruby witnessed a theft. A woman stole a moving object and placed it in her basket, while a man distracted the owner. Since then, Ruby set her sights on being a detective. Then, when she was seven, she made a code that nobody could crack, and was then sent to Harvard University, where the professors finally cracked it. She is definitely much smarter than a normal seven-year-old.

This book seems like a pretty large book, about 390 pages, but the printing inside is quite big, so it doesn’t take long to read. The book’s cover is really awesome as well. The design of the book is brilliantly planned, and the page behind the cover is a green fly with a white background.

Lauren Child also wrote the Clarice Bean series, which I loved when I was about 8. Lauren Child is very successful in writing, and her books have inspired many people to walk the path of an author.

Ruby Redfort is not a typical 13 year old. She is a detective. One strange day, when Ruby woke up, she found nothing out of the ordinary, but little did she know that was about to change. When Ruby arrived home in the afternoon, she saw a sheriff blocking her way. She saw that everything was gone. EVERY. SINGLE. THING. They had been robbed. After the sheriff left, the doorbell rang again. It was the butler that Ruby’s mother had called before. For a butler, he was surprisingly formal. Soon later, Ruby discovers that he is a undercover agent, and he is supposed to ‘hire’ Ruby for a secret job that nobody can know about.

Even though this was a great book, I did realize that the book never really explained why anyone would steal the Jade Buddha, but instead left it there with no explanation. Kind of confusing. Also, the word ‘bozo’ was used a lot. I felt as if the book would have been much more interesting if the author used a different variety of words.

I was really keen to find out if The Spectrum (where Ruby Redford got hired and now does her detective work there), might actually exist. I’m pretty sure there’s nowhere like Spectrum on earth, but hopefully, somewhere just as awesome will be built one day.

I recommend this book to kids of 9-14 years old, and I rate it a 5 out of 5 for it’s unlimited fun and mystery!