Image result for max crumbly locker heroLocker Hero is full of fun and (mis)adventure! This author, Rachel Renee Russell, wrote the Dork Diaries series as well. She continued with the Max Crumbly series because she wants to show two different views of South Ridge Middle School. Max Crumbly was introduced to readers in the 10th book of Dork Diaries, and from there, RRR (Rachel Renee Russell) started writing this series.

The boy, Max Crumbly, tends to get in a lot of trouble. It all started on the first day of school when he missed the bus. Then, after a long walk to school, he gets lectured by the headmaster and receives a late slip. When he thought things couldn’t get any worse, things DO get much worse. He is stuffed into his locker by the bully, Doug. By banging and shouting for help, a girl finally rescues him before he dies of suffocation in the locker. The bad news is, Doug has only one hobby, and that is stuffing Max into his locker. After school, Doug corners Max, and once again, pushes him in the locker. This time, there is nobody there to save him, and he will be stuck in his locker for the rest of the 3 day weekend. Thankfully, he finds a way to escape into the decades-old boiler room, manages to escape from a couple of crooks stealing from the school, and falls into the toilet.

Some people may think this book is for boys, but it’s not! Even though it’s written from a boy’s perspective, it is enjoyable for both genders.

I would recommend this book to grades 5-8 because it has a very fun plot, and by following the misadventures of Max, anyone can learn how important it is to always be prepared if you catch crooks stealing.

Locker Hero has a cliffhanger at the end that says, To Be Continued, and I think it is a very good way of making people want to read more, because I’m definitely dying to know what happens next.

It also had very silly sections in them, such as when Max ‘flew’ right on top of the crooks’ pizza, and when he was hiding from the crooks in the girls change room. I feel that those scenes make up Max’s personality: Fun, witty, and sometimes courageous.

There was a little bit of confusion at the end for me, because I had expected something a bit different from the Dork Diaries series, but instead, the book had mainly the same jokes as Dork Diaries, and it had nothing really making the book stand out as a whole other series. It seems kind of plain and repetitive.

I would’ve rated this book 5 out of 5 if it weren’t for the bit of repetitive humor and a lack of detail. Because of that, I give it a 4.5 out of 5.