Image result for the door by the staircase summaryAfter reading The Door by the Staircase, I realized that magic can, in fact, be real, as long as you believe in it. Overall, I think this book was very enchanting and adventurous. The book is very mysterious with a very enchanting part that makes me shiver just thinking about it.

One of the strengths I noticed about this author’s book is that it is full of unanswered cliffhangers. To me, this is more of a strength than a weakness because it makes whoever is reading it want more, thus resulting in the reader reading the next book. I could clearly tell that the author, Katherine Marsh, has a very creative way of writing. Especially when she writes from the witch’s point of view.

I rate this book a firm 5 out of 5, because it has such an emotional view on everything, and also because I just naturally like reading mysteries and fantasy. I haven’t found any mistakes in the book so far, and that’s rare. Most books have at least a mistake in either history or writing.

The book is about a girl named Mary who lives in an orphanage. She attempts to escape but doesn’t succeed. Then, the next day, a mysterious woman comes to adopt her. The woman, Madame Z, seems to be holding many secrets. Until, that is, Mary finds out that she’s a witch. Full of fear, she still decides to stay. And surprise awaits her…