Image result for and then there were four bookAnd Then There Were Four is a captivating book that can hold you in suspense every single time you read a sentence. The author, Nancy Werlin, has a very creative way of writing, and it will entrance you in a forever-lasting spell.

After doing some research, I found out that this book is closely related to the movie “And Then There Were None.” The movie is about 10 people who get invited to a solitary mansion and discover that there is only darkness to greet them. Not only that, but the people in the group are disappearing one by one. Each one murdered.

Whereas in this book, And Then There Were Four, is about a group of 5 kids who were invited to meet at a rotten house for a meeting, but the whole room collapses. Thankfully, nobody died. After that fateful accident, all of the kids are wary, but not wary enough. A second “accident” strikes, and this time, it takes the life of one of them. That’s when the 4 kids left reach a conclusion — their parents are trying to kill them off one by one.

Overall, I feel that this book has a thrilling plot with a great twist at the end, but I did in fact find an issue. There was a slight spelling mistake somewhere around chapter 27, but it didn’t affect my understanding of the book.

And Then There Were Four really made my heart do a little jazz dance and it took my breath away momentarily with every word and paragraph. A truly adventure-packed mystery!