The first thought I had about this book after I finished was how in the world would someone get words literally tattooed on themselves when someone describes you?

Obviously, this is the case for Elyse. She has been diagnosed with a rare disease, where whenever a word is used to descriImage result for sticks and stones bookbe Elyse, it is instantly tattooed on her arms or legs. But when she goes to middle school, some people start teasing her and saying mean things, so her limbs have a million insults on it. Her doctor, Dr. Patel, is flustered, searching for a cure. More than that, Elyse is receiving strange notes on paper. All in which give her a small encouragement and Elyse is trying to find out the note sender. Or the senders.

If I had to have a word tattooed on me, it would be JOY! (Duh, That’s my name!)

I also felt kinda bad for Elyse when people called her loser and it started to itch like CRAY-CRAY.

All in all, I give this a thumbs up (wait. this isn’t youtube.). I rate it a 5 out of 5!