“Proof of Forever” is a summer time story about four girls traveling back in time to their days at a summer camp when they were 15. After being best friends for years, the girls drifted apart nearing the end of high school but found each other again during their time traveling experience.

When I read the back of this book, I was very intrigued to see how the story would go. I expected it to be innocent and magical with all of the time travel but ended up being very disappointed. I have liked nearly every book I have read in my life (and I’ve read a lot!!!) but this book was the first to ever truly disappoint me. The characters had way too many mood swings, and the last chapter had a huge plot twist that was extremely depressing and unexpected. Also, certain parts of the book made me feel uncomfortable and the style of writing was difficult to follow. Overall, I do not recommend this book! Although the cover and title may seem quite appealing, it is not the story you may expect by the synopsis.