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Just a heads up before I begin the summary, this book is by far one of the saddest books I have ever read. This book is all about the queen of hearts and what her story was. I was shocked to discover that the queen of hearts as we know her was actually the very opposite of who she was in her teen years.






She used to be a happy joyful girl who loved to bake and wanted to find true love. And just as she found that true love, he was mutilated before her very eyes. After that, the queen of hearts, Catherine, was never quite the same again. She gave her heart away, it being no longer needed without her significant other, Jest. I was so sad when I read this book because Jest was my favourite character and I really thought he and Catherine could make each others’ lives better. So when he died, I was just reeling from the shock! A few days after I was still pretty frustrated at the author for making him die but this book has also made Marissa Meyer one of my favourite authors so I guess it has its pros and cons but anyone who likes a bit of romance and adventure should definitely read this. 🙂