This book was really exciting, because I really want some supernatural ability to see ghosts, exImage result for girl meets ghost book 3actly like the main character in the book!

As you probably already predicted, this book is about a girl named Kendall who can see ghosts, and they won’t stop nagging her until she helps then do any unfinished work, to send them on their way.

This time, she sees a girl named Lily, aka her enemy, Madison’s, dead sister. Lily seems nicer and (much)smarter than Madison, so she helps Lily find out what her unfinished work is.

But there are other problems that Kendall is dealing with, like her best friend hating her and her boyfriend breaking up with her; all because of ghosts.

I like this book, but I felt as if it were a bit too easy for my taste. I give a 3 out of 5.