Image result for empress of a thousand skies summaryThis book is the first book that I have ever taken out from the library’s Teen Science Fiction section in my life, and I am already deciding the next book to take out from there.

Empress of a Thousand Skies is about a princess named Rhee, who has spent her whole life planning revenge against the people who killed her family, so on the day of her coronation, she is ready to both plot out revenge and claim her royalty. But not everything goes as planned, and her path collides with that of Alyosha, a boy who is forced to be perfectionist in public. One day, Rhee is brutally attacked, and Alyosha is the one blamed. Rhee and Alyosha go into hiding, and they have to join together to save their world from the evil that is spreading from one planet to the other.

This book is full of adventure, and I give it a 5/5!