This is my favourite book of 2016!!! I could not put it down. Not only is this book by one of my favourite teen authors, Beth Revis, but it’s an amazing read!

It is told from two points of view: Bo and his sister Phoebe.

Bo, 17 years old, believes he can travel through time. At 10 years old, he traveled back in time to watch the sinking of the Titanic. At 15 years old, he went back in time to witness part of the American Civil War. But no one believes him. His parents don’t know what to do with him and send him off to a special school. Bo believes this school is for kids with superpowers.

Phoebe, along with the rest of their family, believe Bo doesn’t posses the ability to travel through time, but that he is mentally ill. She believes that he has created this fictional side of himself as a way to escape reality.

This book is fantastic!! It’s gripping, powerful and has a little bit of everything: fantasy, drama, mystery, humour and a love story. Trust me, just read it and you will be totally captivated by A World Without You too.