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Teen SRC 2017 – Cariboo Runaway by Sandy Frances Duncan

Written by Sandy Frances Duncan, Cariboo Runaway is a story about a young girl named Elva, who runs away with her little brother Tim, from their home Victoria to find their missing father, who promised gold and a better future for their family. On their adventure, they encounter  various people, some who were kind and some who wanted to kill them. Will Elva and Tim make it through their journey and find their missing father, or will they not?

Cariboo Runaway is historical fiction, taking place in the gold rush period that happened in BC. I would rate this book a 3/5 as it was very boring. I wouldn’t recommend this book at all.

Teen SRC 2017 – To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

To Kill a Mockingbird is a very famous classic, written by Harper Lee. Set in the small town of Maycomb, Alaska, there lives “Scout” Finch, the 9 year old protagonist and her brother, Jem Finch and her father, a lawyer, Atticus Finch. The story begins with Scout and Jem leading ordinary, but happy lives, when suddenly, the whole towns talks about Tom Robinson, an African slave who was convicted of raping a young girl. The biggest talk of the town, however, was about Atticus, and how he stepped up to defend Tom Robinson. Eager to find more about the Tom Robinson case, Scout sneaks into her father’s meetings and asks people around town about it.

I would give this book a 5/5 as it was written very well, and was moving. It gave me an awareness on how Africans were forced to be slaves and didn’t have many rights as human beings. I also loved Scout’s personality, as she was curious and very pleasant. I recommend this  book to anyone who likes stories about the past and about history.


Teen SRC 2017 – Nerve by Jeanne Ryan

Nerve. The Five letter word game of dares that is the latest fad on the Internet. Vee, the protagonist at first is hesitant to play, as she was warned her friend not to play as the game is dangerous, but later decides to sign up. At first, she does it for fun, as each completed dare earns you a prize. With her watchers, alluring her with amazing prizes, she and her partner, Ian get addicted and complete a dare at a time, until they reach the Grand Prize dare, the dare that will win you your life’s future.

I would rate this book a 5/5 as the storyline was exciting, and parts of the book would keep you wondering about the characters and how you will deal in the situation if you were in the situation.

Teen SRC 2017 – Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth

Carve the Mark written by Veronica Roth is a dystopian novel set in the solar system. The book introduces Akos, the main character and his family attending the Blooming Ritual, in his hometown of Thuvhe, which is separated from Shotet, a brutal nation in their planet of Thuvhesit. Each person has a fate, or the main purpose of life. Along with the faith, each person also earns a current gift, abilities that is unique to each person and which will help them serve their fate. The day fates are announced, Akos and his brother Eijah gets kidnapped, as they need to serve the family of the Noevek, the rulers of the Shotet people. At this point, the Book also introduces Cyra, sister of Ryzek, the ruler of the Shotet. Cyra has a currentgift of pain, meaning whoever she touches will be in pain. Akos is brought to Cyra, as his currentgift can stop others currentgift. Akos is brought, to brew remedies which will help Cyra relieve her pain. Akos is determined to go against his fate and rescue his brother just like he promised his Dad. This book was great as it told in both perspective of Akos and Cyra.I like how there was a map and a glossary in the book which helped me understand the story a bit better. There were parts of the story which was complicated and the story was a bit dragged. Overall I would rate this a 4.25/5. ✨


Teen SRC 2017 – Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is one of the Funniest Books you will read. Greg Gaines is a loner at his school, meaning he doesn’t talk to much people. Greg’s only “friend,” Earl Jackson, who shares the love of making movies. Greg’s high school plans start to go wrong when Greg’s mom insists that he get back in touch with Rachel, who he had attended in sixth grade. Rachel had been diagnosed with leukaemia, another reason why Greg didn’t want to go. Soon Greg, Earl and Rachel enjoy spending time with each other. I enjoyed this book and I would rate this a 5 out of 5 stars. I loved the characters as they had exciting personalities.

Teen SRC 2017 – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

Harry has been stuck with the Dursley’s every since his parents died rather mysteriously. Suddenly, Harry has been receiving letters, but the Dursley’s keep intercepting them. Harry finds out he is a wizard and he will be attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Suddenly, Harry’s world turns upside down and he finds himself making two best friends. I would rate this book a 3.98 as it was exciting, but dull in the beginning. The plot however was excellent.


Teen SRC 2017 – We Are All Made of Molecules by Susin Nielsen

Stewart and his Dad moves into Ashley and her moms house, causing quite a bit of dilemma. When Stewart announces that he will attending Ashley’s school, Ashley goes crazy. With her social ladder to be taken care of, Ashley is worried that Stewart will take Ashley’s top rung of the Social Ladder. Ashley learns that there are more important things in life and finally gets along with Stewart and his Dad.


Teen SRC 2017 – Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Continuation of Divergent, Tris and Four leaves Dauntless, to Amity, for protection from the Eurdite. There they try to find out what the leaders of Abnegation where trying to protect and why the Erudite want some to stop them. Together the both of them find out the secrets of the work they are living in, so that they can save the world from danger.

Teen SRC 2017 – Divergent by Veronica Roth

Tris Prior lives in modern Chicago, where the society is divided into five factions. Each faction believes in different virtues. Every 16-year-old will go through the aptitude test and will determine which faction they will live in for the rest of their lives. Tris moves to Dauntless, where they encourage bravery and blame cowardice for the world’s problems. Tris finds out during her aptitude test, that she is divergent, meaning she cannot fit into one faction and can manipulate stimulations. Told to keep her divergence a secret, Tris finds about the war that will take away all of her loved ones away. This is one of the bes books I have ever read. Five out of Five Stars ✨