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Teen SRC 2018- The Mystery of the Echo Lodge by Louise Munro Foley

Image result for the mystery of the echo lodgeThe Mystery of the Echo Lodge by Louise Munro Foley

My friend suggested this book to me a while ago and I finally chose to read it. I thought it was pretty cool because this book is part of the Choose Your Own Adventure series. This series of books lets you decide the story. Every few pages it gives you options on what you should do next, then you choose that page and continue the story. The cool thing about it though is that it can go two ways, really well and you solve the mystery and survive, or the other way. In my case I didn’t necessarily solve the mystery but I did survive. Thats just about it that I can tell you about this book because if you read it it will most likely be different. But I think you should try reading this series!

Teen SRC 2018- Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly

Image result for hidden figures book summaryThis book tells the story of four women who possibly change our world. Meet Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, and Christine Darden, these four women are the people who helped the United States launch the first man in space. These women helped out at NASA, they where all mathematical geniuses, at first they’re where about 30 women working in one room. Then Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, and Christine Darden,  all got different jobs helping out in other departments at NASA. It was hard for them to fit in because they didn’t look like the others and where not favoured anywhere. This story takes place when there was a lot of racism. But they all fought for they’re rights.

I really enjoyed this book because it shows how Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, and Christine Darden all fought for they’re rights and never gave up. This book was also made into a movie that shows what it looked like at the time. Although the book had a little more detail I think the movie is definitely worth watching!

Teen SRC 2018- The Wild Robot by Peter Brown

The Wild RobotRoz is a robot. She doesn’t know where she is or even who she is, all she know is that she helps you. Roz is a robot unlike others because she learns. So when she finds herself on a remote island she learns how to survive by watching other animals. Meanwhile theres a buzz around the island with the animals that theres a monster. All the animals are scared of Roz. When Roz adopts a gosling the animals learn to realize that Roz isn’t a monster. As the gosling Brightbill always new that Roz was her mom. When winter comes Brightbill flies south with the flock. Roz is worried, Brightbill has never been away from her. All the other animals help Roz prepare for winter. Will they survive?

I thought the Wild Robot was kind of boring at the beginning but then got better. It was very creative and something would always go wrong, but then the animals would find a way to solve the problem in a unique way. I want to know what happens next in the next book the Wild Robot Escapes.

Teen SRC 2018- Pax by Sarah Pennypacker

Image result for pax by sara pennypackerPax is book that has two different perspectives, the chapters alternate between the perspective of a boy named Peter and his fox named Pax. Peter’s dad get enlisted into the army. He forces the inseparable pair to break. Peter is forced to leave Pax in a forest. Peter is at his grandpa’s house while his dad is at war, but then sneaks out to find Pax. Meanwhile Pax is confused of why his owner didn’t come back for him. Peter explores the forest looking for Pax, but then breaks his leg. He finds this private property, he settles there. A lady named Viola tries to kick him out but realizes his leg is broken and helps him. Together they build Peter’s strength back. Pax meets a small pack of wolves, they teach Pax how to survive in the wild. Will Peter and Pax ever be reunited?

I loved this book, it was in a great style of writing and I thought that it was very exiting. I liked that you would never know what was coming next and you always thought something but it went the other way. I think you should definitely read it.

Teen SRC 2018- Heart of a Champion by Ellen Schwartz

Will he ever be able to play?

Will they ever get out?

What will he do?

Heart of a Champion by Ellen Schwartz is an amazing book and one of my favourite books ever. It takes place in Vancouver during WWII. The Japanese are about to get sent to the internment camps. Things are slowly getting taken away from them. Kenny and his family is getting worried. Kenny’s dad Hiroshi gets sent away to work. “All male of the Japanese race between the ages of eighteen and forty-five are to be removed from a one-hundred-mile-wide ‘secure zone’ along the west coast of British Colombia” says the notice they get .The Sakamoto family couldn’t believe it. Then Kenny and the rest of his family get sent away somewhere else. Mickey, Kenny’s older brother plays baseball for the Asahi’s, now he’s to disappointed to even do anything because he can’t play. At he camp its just a lot of work for Kenny because Mickey got mad and he got sent away. Its all up to Kenny to save his family.

I enjoyed this book a lot. I think Ellen Schwartz is an amazing author and has a really good style of writing. I got the chance to meet Ellen Schwartz and she talked about how she got the inspiration to this book. She also talked about how much effort got put into writing and thinking of ideas. For this book she did a lot of research because she didn’t know a lot about the Asahi’s and where they came from. I would definitely read this book again and I think you should read it.


Teen SRC 2018- Speechless by Jennifer Mook-Sang

Image result for SpeechlessSpeechless by Jennifer Mook-Sang


A boy nicknamed Jelly for his initials J.A.M. enjoys playing video games with his best friend P.B. (also his initials) rather than anything to do with school… Until a speech contest comes up. Now Jelly isn’t known for doing anything like a speech contests. The only reason Jelly is doing this is because of the prize for the winner, a new fancy stylist and a new game console. Every year each student does a speech, usually Jelly mumbles through the whole thing and in the end Victoria Viscount wins it all. Victoria is Jelly biggest enemy. This year Jelly was determined to beat Victoria. He would get the game console and he would finally get the chance to beat Victoria. Jelly can’t think of a topic to write it on so P.B. and his teacher help him, but in the end none of them seem right for him. When it’s time to present their speeches in front of the class Jelly decided on a topic. He did his speech so well the class couldn’t believe it. Jelly makes it to the finals with Victoria and one of her friends. But something happened the next day behind Jelly’s back. No one would talk to him. Victoria told him its because people think that he took his speech right off the internet. The principle checked over Jelly’s references and there was no sign of cheating, so he made an announcement that in the contest no one cheated and the finals would take place. At first Jelly wasn’t his best but he found his spot and then he went on. His speech was great and the whole crowd was cheering. But in the end Jelly came second to Victoria. During this he realized that winning wasn’t the point of the contest it was the effort put into it and actually trying.

I think this is a great book and it’s a really good book for learning that winning isn’t the point of everything, it’s that you know you tried your best and that knowing maybe next time you can do even better and win! I like the last part of the book when Jelly says

” I wont lie; it was a ginormous letdown that I didn’t win the speech competition. I really wanted that tablet. But what I wanted most of all was to beat Victoria. So I didn’t exactly get what I wanted. But neither did she.”

You should read this book because it is an interesting book but also it has a great lesson. Jennifer Mook-Sang is a great author. I like her style of writing in Speechless and the words she uses.

Teen SRC 2018- The Name Of This Book Is A Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch

Image result for the name of this book is secret  The Name Of This Book Is A Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch

In this book Cassandra is an 11 year old girl who is prepared for anything. From earthquakes to floods to even hurricanes, she has it all in her backpack that she always wears. Cass is a kid who isn’t like the others, she doesn’t really have any friends until she meets Max-Ernest another misfit kid. Max-Ernest is a kid like others just without many friends and who has a strange life. His parents are divorced but still live in the same house. You see their house is divided into two, but neither parent can cross the middle.

Theres real-estate agent for the deceased named Gloria. She cleans out peoples houses and tries to sell them. But one day she comes across a box labeled “The Symphony of Smells” in a old magicians home. Gloria gave the box to Cass and her grandfathers. Cass and Max-Ernest want to find out more on this box and magician so they become partners and start digging for clues. But what they didn’t know is that two people want that same box. The two find out that the house and box belonged to Pietro Bergamo. After digging a little bit more they soon find a secret room.

Back to the two people, they are Ms. Mauvais and Dr. L. The two of them are part of the Midnight Sun Spa. Ms. Mauvais and Dr. L find out that Cass and Max-Ernest have the box but they also want a special song and they think that Cass has it in a notebook she found that was writen by Pietro. Ms. Mauvais and Dr. L look for Cass and Max-Ernest at their school. Cass goes to the Midnight Sun pretending to be someone else but soon discovers that its an evil business that Ms. Mauvais and Dr. L made. Max-Ernest and Cass do many secret things there and in the end lets just say there is no more Midnight Sun.

I found this book very interesting because you would never know what was going to happen next. I like how the author of The Name Of This Book Is A Secret kept certain things a secret like where they where and when it was, it always kept you in suspense. I think Cass is an interesting person and I would definitely recommend this book to you. I have read the next book in the Secret Series (If your reading this book its too late) and loved it. The next book is a continuation of the first with another adventure in the hands of Cass and Max-Ernest! I can’t wait to read the third book.


Teen SRC 2018- The Report Card by Andrew Clements

The Report Card by Andrew Clements

The Report Card is in the perspective of a girl named Nora. Nora is the genius in grade five but she doesn’t admit it. Now when we’re talking genius we’re talking she was a one year old solving puzzles and a toddler reading. Nora thinks when being the genius that there will be to much pressure with good grades and always being right, so she hides it. Nora does bad on purpose, she wants to show her parents and teachers that she is just an “average” student.

In kindergarten  Nora observes the other kids in her class to try to be more like them. Each day she would secretly be someone else in the class by copying what they do. Once she went through each person she seemed to like the day she got to be a kid named Stephen. They soon become very good friends because they would do the same things, but never would they show they are because they thought it would be weird if a girl and a boy were friends. When the CMT (Connecticut Mastery Test) scores come out Stephen’s scores come out not so good. Nora is determined to prove to Stephen that it’s not that important to get a bad score. Nora tries to get bad grades on purpose so that Stephen doesn’t feel so bad.Read More