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There were some really wonderful and thoughtful reviews written this week. I’m always amazed with all the different kinds of books that are reviewed and how well they are written. So good job everyone!

This week’s winners are: Rahma and Zhang.

Be sure to keep writing Teen book reviews all summer for you chance to win some great prizes!

And Week 3 of the Heist is already out. Have you tried you hand at the adventure yet? Be sure to join the race around the world here!

Teen SRC Winners Week #1

With so many thoughtful and well-written reviews it was impossible to choose a “best” review of the week, so I chickened-out and randomly chose two winners. We will be awarding prizes all summer long (including a grand prize at the end for the most reviews), so keep those reviews coming! To encourage dialogue between participants, we will also consider comments when awarding weekly prizes, so see a review that caught your eye? Agree or disagree with someone’s point of view, respectfully let them know.

Congratulations to Lucian and Mykela! You have won your choice of a book prize!

Week 2 for the Heist has just started, have you played? What were your thoughts?

Welcome to Around the World: Teen SRC 2021

Summer is finally here! We are looking forward to reading your reviews and awarding you for it! Prizes will be awarded all summer starting in July. Each week, we will be giving away a random prize plus a prize for our favourite review. This could be a post or comment that is well written, thought provoking or shows a lot of insight and no, a review does not have to be long to be considered. Like someone else’s review? Let them know, commenting on the blog counts as a post entry too!

Tune in on July 5th to participate in the Heist! Criminal mastermind Cody Vandango has hired you – Ainsley Jones. Your mission – to travel around the world to each of the seven continents and steal something of value without getting caught. Mission #1 begins NOW! Click here to complete the mission.

Mission #1 is the beginning of everything. Try your luck here

Mission #2 begins July 12th! Click here to complete the mission

Mission #3 is here! Click here to complete this week’s mission!

Winner’s of RPL’s Annual Teen Poetry Contest 2021!

Thank you to everyone who submitted their poems this year!! The judges had a hard time choosing the winners this year, as there were so many beautiful submissions this year. But after some discussion, the following winners were chosen:

Group 1
1st Place: I Am A Woman by Nida A.
2nd Place: The Beauty Of My Skin by Amna S.

Group 2:
1st Place: The Ravings of Plight by Angela Y.
2nd Place: To My Inner Child by Astra Y.

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Annual Teen Poetry Contest 2021! Read all their poems here!

Congratulations and thank you for a great summer!!

Wow!! What a great summer for our blog with all of your contributions! We had so many well written and thoughtful book reviews this summer. I don’t know about you, but my list of books to read has definitely expanded because of all your suggestions.

In total, we had 19 contributors to the blog who wrote 106 book reviews in total! That’s 53 reviews written a month in July and August! We also had 8 teen moderators who helped us keep the blog and reviews posted and up to date, so a big thank you to them for all of their hard work!

We have decided to let everyone who has been writing reviews this summer to have the ability to keep writing reviews throughout the school year. So keep writing those awesome reviews!!

And now the big announcements! The winner of the Most Reviews Written Grand Prize goes to… Alina C!!! Alina wrote 28 book reviews this summer and all of them made the book sound intriguing!

And the winner of the Most Thoughtful Comment Grand Prize goes to… Max! max has made some wonderful and thought provoking comments and reviews throughout the summer.

Congratulations to all our winners!! And thank you again to all of you for participating in this summer Teen Summer Reading Club!

CONGRATULATIONS! This weeks winners are:

Best Review of the week: BiscuitsBlink by Malcolm Gladwell

The Most Thoughtful Comment on our Book Club goes to Inshal. Find it here!

Okay, I know I said last week that it is great that it’s sunny, but geez… it has been SO HOT the last few nights!! I can’t sleep and have been reading into the night – it’s not a bad thing 🙂

Don’t forget! We have some big prizes for the end of August, so make sure you write more comments and reviews on the blog.

And, this is the last few days to submit your entry for our Design Contest! Submissions are due Friday August 21st and you could be the big winner!

CONGRATULATIONS! This weeks winners are:

Best Review of the week: Rosie L.Matched by Ally Condie

The Most Thoughtful Comment on our Book Club goes to Lucian. Find it here!

Can you believe that we are almost halfway through August? The summer’s always go so fast. Although Covid has made everything seem like the same week, at least it’s sunny out right?

Don’t forget! We have some big prizes for the end of August, so make sure you write more comments and reviews on the blog. And, if you are an artist, make sure to check out our Design Contest! You could be the big winner!