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CONGRATULATIONS! This weeks winners are:

Best Review of the week: AlinaNameless Queen by Rebecca McLaughlin

The Most Thoughtful Comment on our Book Club goes to Rosie. Find it here!

Keep those reviews coming! Although only one book review counts towards an entry for the weekly prize draw, multiple entries count towards the end of summer grand prize. And don’t forget to participate by commenting on the monthly Book Club to win prizes too!

July’s Teen Book Club

Welcome to the July’s Teen Book Club! Since we can’t meet in the library, we thought that we would do a book club here on the blog. Participate by commenting below this post and start discussions with other teens. And there’s prizes!! Remember, 1 teen will win 1 Book Prize each week for a thoughtful comment in the monthly Teen Book Club.

For the month of July, let’s talk all about Teen Books with a great twist in the plot!

Some questions for you:
– Is there a book that had a twist that you did NOT see coming?
– Did the twist make sense, or did it ruin the story?
– Did your opinion of the book change after the twist?
– If you could, would you change the ending?
– Or, if you didn’t like the ending because of the twist, does the ending matter or is the book still great without the twist ending?
– At what point in the book did you have an idea what was going on? What was the key clue that gave it away?

RPL’s Teen Summer Reading Club 2020

Teens!! Starting June 24, you can join Richmond Public Library’s online Teen Summer Reading Club! Write and post book reviews on any Teen book on our blog for a chance to win some great book prizes.

We will also be running the Teen SRC 2021 Design Contest (next year’s theme is Around the World). Submissions must be received by August 21, 2020 and for more details, go here.

We’re so excited to be have some great prizes for participants in this year’s Teen SRC. Here are a list of prizes that you could win:
Weekly Review Prize: 1 teen will win 1 book prize each week this summer starting July 7th.
Weekly BookClub Prize: 1 teen will win 1 Book Prize each week for a thoughtful comment in the monthly Teen BookClub post on the blog.
Teen SRC 2021 Design Contest: the winner will be awarded 3 Book Prizes.
Most Reviews Written Grand Prize: The teen who writes the most books reviews on the blog this summer will win 5 Book Prizes!
Most Thoughtful Review Grand Prize: The teen who writes the most well-written and thoughtful book review on this blog this summer will win 5 Book Prizes!

Throughout the summer, RPL will be hosting a variety of online programs and events this summer, including Virtual Escape Rooms, Writing Programs, an Author program with YA Author Eileen Cook, and Kahoot trivia challenges. For more details, visit the library’s website or check out our online events calendar.

As an author of this blog, you will be able to post reviews of all the TEEN books you are reading this summer. Click here for the instructions.

The winners of the Annual Teen Poetry Contest 2020

We are happy to announce the winners for the Annual Teen Poetry Contest. There were a lot of wonderful poems submitted this year. Congratulations to this year’s winners!

Group 1
1st Place: Beautiful by Rosie L.
2nd Place: The Monster I Am by Inshal K.

Group 2:
1st Place: Ebb and Flow by Penelope D.
2nd Place: Sun and Moon by Alice L.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their poems this year and look for our Teen Poetry Contest next year in April 2021. You can read the winning poems here

RPL’s Annual Teen Poetry Contest 2020 – Extended!!

Even though things are a little different right now at RPL, we are happy to announce that we are doing our Annual Teen Poetry Contest again this year! We are always excited to celebrate Poetry Month and can’t wait to read all of your submissions. Here are some of the details about the contest:

Feeling creative? Want a way to express your feelings about what’s going on in your life? Write a poem and submit your entry to us between April 1 – 30. Please email your poem to along with your name, age and grade.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Age Categories:
    • Group 1: 12-15 years old
    • Group 2: 16-18 years old
  2. Any format of poem is acceptable.
  3. Length: No longer than one single-spaced typed page
  4. Must be an original work


Groups 1 & 2:

  1. 1st Place – $35 gift certificate to Richmond Centre
  2. 2nd Place – $15 gift certificate to Richmond Centre

Judging Criteria
Creativity, clarity, originality, and the literary merit or message of the poem

* RPL reserves the right to disqualify any offensive and/or inappropriate submission

Rules and Regulations for RPL’s Teen Poetry Contest