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Teen Book Review – The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

The Sun Is Also A Star

Written by the author of Everything, Everything, Nicola Yoon, The Sun is Also a Star is an amazing read that will keep you up at night, constantly wondering what will happen next.

Natasha is big believer in Science and Facts. She doesn’t believe in love or hope, not when her family’s going to be deported to Jamaica 12 hours later.

Daniel was the good kid, the shining star in his parent’s eye, but when he isn’t all of that he is a heartfelt poet.

Both of their lives change in less than 10 hours, when they collide in the busy city of New York. Science, Fate, Luck truly is the recipe for love

Teen Book Review – Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare

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I was originally going to review another book this month but then I remembered that I needed to return this book soon due to others having holds on it. Therefore, I’m writing this review now before I lose the book and can no longer skim through for the details. So, this month I read Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare; aka Book 3 of the Dark Artifices, a spinoff from the Mortal Instruments or better known as the Shadowhunters series.

To start off… This book is ENORMOUS. I couldn’t bring it to school in fear of having my shoulders fully dented by the sheer weight of this thing… I’d say the only other book I’ve read of this size would be Kingdom of Ash, from the Throne of Glass series. I cannot reveal too much of the plot since this is still a pretty recent release but I can say the Emma and Julian (the two main characters) have a lot to deal with in this book and there are actually numerous side plotlines happening throughout which revolve around the Blackthorn siblings as well as the Seelie and Unseelie faerie courts. A few new characters are introduced although not many deaths of old ones. I think I’ll stop here and give a rating: 4/5 stars. Not a perfect rating…BUT I have absolutely nothing against the plotline or characters or even the writing. I just feel as if everything was wrapped up a bit too perfectly to be realistic/believable for me. Other than that, I highly reccommend it :))

Teen Book Review – Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

First off, Happy New Year everyone! May 2019 treat you well :))

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This week I read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and I found it really quirky and cute but not as relatable as I thought it would be. That aside, I must say I enjoyed it far more than Eleanor and Park, also by Rainbow Rowell, which was the second hyped-up book that didn’t meet my standards (after The Hate You Give). Fangirl is about a young woman named Cather just getting used to college life. Her twin sister, Wren, has always been the risk-taker and the extrovert while Cath stayed in the background and lived in the fictional universe of popular series: Simon Snow, and now, in college, she’s feeling isolated more than ever. At the beginning of the book, Cath is super shy and goes out of her way to blend in and disappear. When she’s in her room, she avoids her roommate as well and instead focuses on the Simon Snow fan-fic she’s been working on her whole life. As the story progresses, however, she meets new people…whether she wanted to or not and starts to open up more and more.

Like any Rainbow Rowell or John Green book, there isn’t really a plot and the main component is just continued character development and relationships, which sadly, bores me quite a bit. However, I did like this book, just not as much as I probably would’ve had it had a more intense storyline. Overall rate: 4/5 stars, nice light read.

Teen Book Review – Scythe by Neal Shusterman

Image result for scythe the bookScythe by Neal Shusterman is actually the book prize I won from the 2018 Summer Reading Club so naturally I was pretty hyped. I really like the dystopian genre, hence half of my other reviews and I mean, just LOOK at the cover 🙂 !!!! However, I had recently read The Hate You Give (which was another one of the Richmond teen picks) and sadly, I was pretty disappointed by it. Happily though, Scythe turned out even better than I expected. For those of you who don’t know already, Scythe takes place in a world where everything is perfect, nothing poses a threat to you, as you CANNOT die. However, since population growth still needs to be controlled, there are highly trained individuals around the world whose jobs are to “glean” (basically controlling the population by killing). They are scythes. Their job is to select victims randomly and glean a certain number per duration of time. They are held to the highest moral fibre of their being, meaning they need to rise above the seven deadly sins of humanity and glean with honour, justice and equality. Because after all, the first requirement to becoming a scythe is to not wish it. However, not everyone is as honorable as they claim, you might even find that a few, quite enjoy what they do. (round of applause for that rhyme there, thank you) I’m not gonna say anything else because if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it is spoilers…But I leave you with this last comment: This book is amazing, it is very well written and it’ll do you good to give it a try. 5/5 stars for the win! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go read the sequel, and remember, “thou shalt kill”.

Teen Review – Jack of Hearts (and Other Parts) by Lev A. C. Rosen

Okay what? This book is just…..uh…..very…..mature for a 8th grader. Namely, me. I wasn’t Image result for jack of hearts and other partsreally a big fan of the book. AT ALL. If you read the blurb of this book, you will know what it is about. A teenage gay boy, his friends, a sex column, and a stalker. Well, I didn’t read te blurb, assuming that no book can be THAT bad. I mean, I love books, and, well, I’ve enjoyed about 99% of the books I’ve encountered in my lifetime. So.

I took it off the shelf seeing that it was fairly new and had a very eye-catching cover page. Yeah. Probably shouldn’t have judged a book by its cover, but……ANYWAYS. Enough about that. This book was basically about a boy named Jack who’s in high school. A VERY INAPPROPRIATE HIGH SCHOOL, in fact. So, one day he gets a note that says: “You’re cute” (or something like that…I returned the book immediately after realizing how unsatisfactory it was). Then, his friend asks him to write in a sex column. Already heading towards the wrong side, y’all. So, to prevent further uncomfortable-ness? I’ll just stop here and warn you: IT’S REALLY SEXUAL GUYS. Yeah. Just don’t. I mean, it was a pretty good plot, but…..a bit TOO much for me. So…. huh.. backing off…..

I guess that BASICALLY kinda maybe sorta summarized my whole….uh…. opinion on this book. But, y’know, everyone has their preferences!

Teen Review – To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

Random thought: Imagine if Nickelodeon was a book? This is Jojo Siwa, and you’re reading Nickelodeon! Hah! Sorry. That was really random. Anyways, back on topic: Image result for to all the boysbooks. So, you’ve probably been asking (or not) why I haven’t been so active recently, and thets because of school. AHA school is just SO great isn’t it? Nope. Okay, school isn’t as bad as they describe in movies, but hey, I’m back, so obviously i didn’t die!

So, I’ve been recently reading this book: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. It’s such a good book! I love how Jenny Han portrays the characters so well! Btw, guys, if you haven’t watched it already on Netflix, do it now!

AANYWAYS……this book is about a girl named Lara Jean who writes letters to all of her crushes and hides them in a box. Until, someone accidentally(or not…) sent them out. So, now she has to face the ultimate humiliation. Then we get introduced to Josh. Josh used to date Margot, Lara Jean’s older sister. But after they broke up, Lara Jean’s childhood crush rose up again. Another one of her childhood crushes, Peter Kavinsky, is the most popular and charming guy at school. AKA a guy who recieved one of Lara Jean’s letters that was mistakenly sent out. In order to make Josh notice Lara Jean, she tries to make him jealous-by ‘pretend-dating’ Peter Kavinsky. So, it would be a win-win for both of them. Peter has just recently broken up with his pretty and popular girlfriend, Genevieve. So, with the same tactic, both would get the best result….right?

I loved this book so much! I borrowed it from my school library, and you have no idea how many times I’ve renewed it! 😁

Teen SRC 2018 – City of a Thousand Dolls by Miriam Forster

Image result for city of a thousand dollsNisha was abandoned at the entrance to the City of a Thousand Dolls when she was a child. Now sixteen, she lives on the grounds of the isolated estate, where orphaned girls apprentice as musicians, healers, courtesans, and (if the rumors are true) assassins at different Houses. Nisha becomes the Matron’s assistant, with her only companions being the mysterious cats that follow her in her shadow. Only when she begins a forbidden flirtation with a handsome young courier does she let herself imagine about a life outside the city walls. That was, until the girls around her start to die one by one.

Before she becomes the next victim, Nisha decides to investigate the secrets behind the girls’ deaths. But by getting involved, she jeopardizes not only her future, but her own life.

This book was… well… entertaining to read. Unfortunately, I don’t think the second book in this series is centered around Nisha, so I lost the interest and motivation to pick that one up. However, if you are interested, the second book is called Empire of Shadows.


Teen SRC 2018 – RoseBlood by A.G. Howard

This book is a brilliant retelling of the Related image
classic Phantom of the Opera book by Leroux. Rune Germain, a seventeen year old teenager with a mysterious affliction contributing to her operatic talent, was sent off to a French arts conservatory for her senior year by her mother, in hopes that creative direction will help her. This opera-themed school is located in an opera house with ties to the phantom of the opera.

At RoseBlood, Rune befriends Thorn, a mysterious and elusive violinist, who guides her through not only guides her musical transformation through dreams seeminglu more real than reality itself, but also knows about who she is behind her masks. As the two discover an otherworldly connection and experience a blossoming romance connecting them through the soul, Thorn must choose to lead Rune to her doom, or face the wrath of the phantom that has haunted the opera house for a century, and is the only father he’d ever known.

I loved A.G. Howard’s Splintered series, which is a modern retelling of Alice in Wonderland with a twist. As expected, this series doesn’t disappoint. Both of them are so amazing!!!!!


Teen SRC 2018 – Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen

Image result for scarlet a c gaughenWill Scarlet is good at two things: stealing from the rich and keeping secret, skills in high demand in Robin Hood’s merry band of thieves who protect the people of Nottingham from the evil and greedy sheriff. Scarlet’s biggest secret of all is one that only Robin and his men know… Scarlet, the slip of a boy who is fast with knives, is actually a girl posing as a thief.

The terrible events that took place in Scarlet’s past that led to her hiding her true identity are and verge of being exposed when the thief taker Lord Gisbourne arrives in town to get rid of Hood and his men once and for all. As Gisbourne puts innocent people at risk, Scarlet must decide how much the people of Nottingham mean to her, especially John Little, a flirtatious fellow outlaw, and Robin Hood, whose quick smiles manage to always unsettle her.


Teen SRC 2018- Remember by Eileen Cook

Image result for remember eileen cookHarper is used to the protestors constantly camping outside her home. Afterall, her father runs the company trademarking the “Memtex” procedure to wipe away sad memories, and plenty of people think it shouldn’t be legal. When Harper suffers an unexpected loss one day, she’s shocked that her father wouldn’t let her get the procedure, so she finds a way to get it without his approval. Soon afterwards, she begins getting plagued by strange symptoms, including visions of a woman who is both a stranger and familiar at the same time. Harper starts to wonder if she is being delusional, or if this woman was actually part of her memories.

Trying to uncover the truth on Memtex, Harper is joined by Neil, a protester who insists that he has his own reasons for needing answers about the dangers of the procedure. What she eventually finds could uproot all she’d ever believed her entire life…

I think this book is kind of underrated. It has a brilliant idea, about the ability to manipulate people’s memories. If all sadness can be taken away from you, would you be a better person? Would that actually be better for you? How much are you inclined to lose, and how bad should the memories be for you to want to erase them?