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Teen Book Review – Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare

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I was originally going to review another book this month but then I remembered that I needed to return this book soon due to others having holds on it. Therefore, I’m writing this review now before I lose the book and can no longer skim through for the details. So, this month I read Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare; aka Book 3 of the Dark Artifices, a spinoff from the Mortal Instruments or better known as the Shadowhunters series.

To start off… This book is ENORMOUS. I couldn’t bring it to school in fear of having my shoulders fully dented by the sheer weight of this thing… I’d say the only other book I’ve read of this size would be Kingdom of Ash, from the Throne of Glass series. I cannot reveal too much of the plot since this is still a pretty recent release but I can say the Emma and Julian (the two main characters) have a lot to deal with in this book and there are actually numerous side plotlines happening throughout which revolve around the Blackthorn siblings as well as the Seelie and Unseelie faerie courts. A few new characters are introduced although not many deaths of old ones. I think I’ll stop here and give a rating: 4/5 stars. Not a perfect rating…BUT I have absolutely nothing against the plotline or characters or even the writing. I just feel as if everything was wrapped up a bit too perfectly to be realistic/believable for me. Other than that, I highly reccommend it :))

Teen SRC 2018 – Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini

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How can you save the world when you are literally your worst enemy?

Lily Proctor’s life threatening allergies provent her from enjoying many things normal teenagers take for granted. After getting permission to attend her first, and possibly last, highschool party, Lily just wants to enjoy herself. But, her life never goes according to plan, and she ends up humiliating herself in front of half her graduating class.

Suddenly summoned to a parallel world, Lily is soon overwhelmed by new experiences. She quickly realizes that what makes her weak in her home world is what makes her extraordinary here. In this world ruled over by powerful women called Crucibles, Lily must stop the worst and cruellest of them all: Lillian. But the problem is, Lillian is the one who summoned her to this world… and is also Lily’s identical other self.

Teen SRC 2018 – Rules for Stealing Stars by Corey Ann Haydu

Image result for book Rules for Stealing StarsRules for Stealing Stars by Corey Ann Haydu

Silly is used to feeling left out.  Her three older sister think she’s too little for most things-especially when it comes with their mother’s unpredictable moods and outbursts.  This summer, Silly feels more alone than ever when her sisters start whispering and sneaking away to their rooms together, returning with signs that something mysterious is afoot: sunburned cheeks smudged with glitter and gold hair that looks like tinsel. When Silly is brought into her sister’ world, the truth is more exciting than she ever imagined. The girls have discovered magic deep inside their old house that gives them what they truly need: an escape full of wondrous secrets and adventure. But it soon becomes clear that there are some secrets that the rest of the family would prefer to keep hidden- and knowing the truth could change everything.

Teen SRC 2018- The Name Of This Book Is A Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch

Image result for the name of this book is secret  The Name Of This Book Is A Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch

In this book Cassandra is an 11 year old girl who is prepared for anything. From earthquakes to floods to even hurricanes, she has it all in her backpack that she always wears. Cass is a kid who isn’t like the others, she doesn’t really have any friends until she meets Max-Ernest another misfit kid. Max-Ernest is a kid like others just without many friends and who has a strange life. His parents are divorced but still live in the same house. You see their house is divided into two, but neither parent can cross the middle.

Theres real-estate agent for the deceased named Gloria. She cleans out peoples houses and tries to sell them. But one day she comes across a box labeled “The Symphony of Smells” in a old magicians home. Gloria gave the box to Cass and her grandfathers. Cass and Max-Ernest want to find out more on this box and magician so they become partners and start digging for clues. But what they didn’t know is that two people want that same box. The two find out that the house and box belonged to Pietro Bergamo. After digging a little bit more they soon find a secret room.

Back to the two people, they are Ms. Mauvais and Dr. L. The two of them are part of the Midnight Sun Spa. Ms. Mauvais and Dr. L find out that Cass and Max-Ernest have the box but they also want a special song and they think that Cass has it in a notebook she found that was writen by Pietro. Ms. Mauvais and Dr. L look for Cass and Max-Ernest at their school. Cass goes to the Midnight Sun pretending to be someone else but soon discovers that its an evil business that Ms. Mauvais and Dr. L made. Max-Ernest and Cass do many secret things there and in the end lets just say there is no more Midnight Sun.

I found this book very interesting because you would never know what was going to happen next. I like how the author of The Name Of This Book Is A Secret kept certain things a secret like where they where and when it was, it always kept you in suspense. I think Cass is an interesting person and I would definitely recommend this book to you. I have read the next book in the Secret Series (If your reading this book its too late) and loved it. The next book is a continuation of the first with another adventure in the hands of Cass and Max-Ernest! I can’t wait to read the third book.


Teen SRC 2018 – Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige

SRC Teen 2018 – Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige

Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige

This book sounded quite interesting to me after I read the summary. In a nutshell, Dorothy Must Die is about a girl named Amy who is whipped to where Dorothy is in order to kill her because she is going evil with power from her red shoes. Initially I read this book to see blood and sick magic action, where a rebel can reveal some sort of flaw within a seemingly nice society, but unfortunately what I got was a shallow novel that never explores any interesting underlying themes. In fact, a surprising amount of portion of the novel is dedicated to this little love story between Amy and a boy named Nox who is suppose to train her for her to become the perfect rebel. Other than Nox and Pete, all other important characters are female, making the crew look more and more like a harem. The book is written in first-person, but even so I feel like rooting for the antagonists. I personally felt that the book was poorly written. It’s only saving grace is the nicely designed cover and an almost-disney-princess-gone-bad character. Sorry Amy, just a low B for you.

“Dorothy Must Die” – Thoughts on a radical new entry in ...

Teen SRC 2018 – White Cat by Holly Black

Image result for white cat bookCassel comes from a family of Curse Workers: people with the ability to change your emotions, your luck, your memories, and even change you into something else with just one touch. And, since performing Curse Work is illegal, all Curse Workers are criminals. But Cal has no magic. He is the only normal person in a family of conmen.

Lately, Cal has been waking up to find that he was sleepwalking. Haunted by a vision of a white cat, he begins to notice disturbing things happening around him, especially his brothers, who may be using him for their own purposes.

I really love all the books by Holly Black, and have read most, if not all, of her books at the library. This series was a great work of art, and I was hooked right from the start.


Teen SRC 2018 – Eragon by Christopher Paolini

Image result for eragonWhen a polished blue stone Eragon found in the forest hatched into a dragon hatching, his life was changed overnight. He realized that he had stumbled upon an ancient legend, one of the legendary Dragon Riders that have long disappeared, one as old as the Empire itself. Eragon is thrust from his simple life into a perilous new world of magic, destiny, and power. With his only support being an ancient sword and the advice of an old storyteller, Eragon must navigate the dangerous terrain and confront the dark enemies of the Empire a king whose evil knew no bonds. The fate of this land rests in his hands.

This series is my all time favourite series ever. The characters developed and changed drastically over the course of the four books, and it had me absolutely hooked.


Teen SRC 2018 – Teen SRC 2018 – Lirael (Abhorsen #2) by Garth Nix

Image result for liraelLirael was abandoned by her mother, and raised by the Clayr, who welcomed her into the extended family living at the Clayr’s glacier. However, with looks that didn’t resemble anyone else, and even lacking the gift of the Sight (the ability to see possible futures) every daughter of the Clayr possesses, she has never felt like she belonged. Nevertheless, the fate of the Old Kingdom now rests in her hands. With help from her trusty companion, the Disreputable Dog, she must undertake a mission under the shadow of an ancient evil, one that opposes the Royal Family, is blocking the Sight of the Clayr, and can break the very boundary between Life and Death itself. On her journey, Lirael must find the courage to realize her hidden destiny.

I loved this series, even though I skipped the first book. I loved the character developement, romance, and magic!!!


Teen SRC 2018 – The Odds of Lightning by Jocelyn Davies

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The Odds of Lightning by Jocelyn Davies

This book is about friendship, and how one strike of lightning can change people’s lives forever. The four protagonists, Tiny, Will, Nathaniel, and Lu used to be best friends. But, when Nathaniel’s brother died three years ago, they broke apart, and barely talk to each other now. Taking place the night before the SATs, the story is told from four different perspectives as the former best friends go on an all-night adventure to reconcile with the past, overcome their individual fears, and follow their dreams. In this book, friendship can literally be magic.

This was an amazing and a really enjoyable book to read. Even though it’s not a thriller or a book packed with action, I still found myself glued to the pages, cheering on the characters as they struggle to overcome their fears.


Teen Book Review – Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas

Tower of DawnIn my opinion, Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas was equally bad and good at the same time. Let’s begin on a good note, all things awesome about this book; Sarah J Maas is honestly a phenomenal author and she has never ceased to amaze me, if you have read the rest of the books in this series, you would know exactly why ;). This book was no exception, the plot is truly incredible and well-planned, nothing happens for no reason.