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Teen SRC 2019 – Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

‘Anna Dressed in Blood’ is a YA book about a ghost slayer and a murdered girl which came back as a ghost seeking for vengeance.

The protagonist, Cas Lockwood, is an eighteen-year-old (seemingly normal) guy with an unhealthy obsession for hunting down the ghost that killed his father when he was only a child. He is never affected by his decisions on which ghosts to kill, but that was before he met Anna. At first glance, he treats Anna as an average evil ghost. After (many) unsuccessful attempts to kill her, he starts to warm up to Anna, and eventually develops romantic feelings towards her.

However, this is a horror story after all. While Anna internally fights with an evil version of herself, she kills many more people (unwillingly) and raises suspicion around the town.

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Teen SRC 2019 – Pretend She’s Here by Luanne Rice

Pretend She’s Here by Luanne Rice

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I enjoyed this book a lot but some parts were very scary even though it wasn’t the mature type of teen book. A book with new concepts really interests me and I had many friends suggest this book. It was certainly good but it was like half a horror story.

          Pretend She’s Here is a very dark story with quite some emotional parts inside. I did enjoy the book but it is very heartbreaking. There are frightening parts where it makes you tense up and urge you to read the next chapter. I would rate it 4 stars out of 5.

            Emily Lonergan and Lizzie Porter are the most loving best friends, they are almost like sisters to each other. Unfortunately, Lizzie Porter died of cancer and Emily and the Porter family were heartbroken. Lizzie was like Emily’s other half, while the Porters loves Lizzie dearly. Ever since Lizzie’s death, the Porter family has decided to move away and renew their life. The Porters are the only ones who understood how desperate Emily feels about Lizzie’s tragedy. Desperate enough to do something crazy.

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Teen SRC 2019- Killer Instinct by S.E. Green

Killer Instinct

Dark, suspenseful, and thrilling. Killer Instinct by S.E. Green is a murder-mystery novel, and a thriller.

Lane is an average seventeen-year-old teenager. She has a mother, a step-father, and a half-brother, all of whom she adores. Her half-sister? Not so much, but again, that’s normal. She volunteers at the local animal shelter, and has a favourite puppy there. Like I said, normal. Except… not really.

Lane has urges; strong and dark impulses to violently hurt people who’ve wronged her, or others. She doesn’t know what made her this way, but she doesn’t know how to be any other way. Lane controls these impulses by delivering justice to criminals who have evaded the law. She follows them until she is sure they committed the crime, and then… they pay for what they have done. She doesn’t kill them, but every time, she gets closer and closer to doing so.

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Teen SRC 2018 – Perfect: A Pretty Little Liars Book

Perfect: A Pretty Little Liars book is written by Sara Shepard

The third book in the Pretty Little Liars Book, the story picks up from where it last stopped. A continues to send threatening messages, planning to expose Alison DiLaurentis best friends for their secrets which were supposed to die with Alison. Spencer’s parents send her to her therapy, thinking it will help her feel better with all of the mysterious deaths happening around. Hanna wants to improve her relationship with her friend, at the same time look good in everything she wears. Aria wants to improve her relationship with her mom and her English A.P teacher Mr. Fitz. Emily wants to redeem herself in her parent’s eyes, by being the swim team captain and stepping in line with the family. Will the four Girls find out who is this mysterious A or will they be exposed, one by one?

This was a great book. I would rate this book a 5/5. I would recommend this book to people who enjoy reading about drama, mystery, and thriller. This book had a good plot and I liked that it was written in the perspective of all four girls. This helped unreel the story bit by bit.

Teen SRC 2018- The Killer In Me by Margot Harrison

The Killer in Me

Long review short, this is an extremely addictive thriller about a girl who knows more about a murderer than anyone could ever want to. I loved the whole twisty plot of the book and it hooked me up by the first sentence! But the thing is, by the first paragraph, I was jumping at every little noise, checking my doors and windows, and locking practically everything that has a lock. 🙂 So. This book was really horrifying and awesome at the same time.

This book is about a girl named Nina who knows about the Thief. The Thief is a killer. Or, as the book says: ‘a death vacuum’. Nina knows how the Thief hunts, his killing methods, how he disposes of the bodies….and….I think that’s enough. Nina, after all this time, tracks the Thief (with the help of her former best friend, Warren) 2000 miles-to his home turf. But when she finally meets the Thief, the man she sees is nothing like the crazy psycho who is somehow ‘connected’ to her is a strange way. But then, as Nina gets to know the man more and more, she starts to wonder: is there even a Thief in the first place?

I loved all the suspense, and I was really surprised by the plot twists that were in the book. I recommend this book to people who are a fan of mysteries and plot twists! 😛

Teen SRC 2018 – Breaker by Kat Ellis

Breaker by Kat Ellis

It all starts with a notorious serial killer nicknamed, The Bonebreaker. Quite original. I Breakerknow. But, things aren’t REALLY about this killer. This book is based on his son. Oh and:


Okay. Now, from here on, read at your own risk. The famous ‘son’ I’ve been talking about earlier is kind of the ‘main character’ or this novel. But then again, not really. Kyle Henry is his… But really, his name WAS Kyle Bluchevsky-son of a notorious serial killer named Robert (Bobby) Bluchevsky. But Kyle’s dad has been killed in a death sentence, and it only leaves Kyle himself and his mom. So, he changes school, name, and most of all, his life. But even after his dad’s death, he’s still haunted by his father in the creepiest ways possible. Not soon after, he realizes that he recognizes one of the girls at his new school-in a bad way. Her mother was murdered by Kyle’s dad. But the girl, Naomi, is very soon intrigued by Kyle’s mysteriousness, all the while immune to the fact that this boy’s father was the killer of her mother. But as they open up to each other, secrets float up to the surface.

I finished this 334 page book in one sitting from 8:30 in the morning to who knows when. I just couldn’t stop my hands from turning the crisp pages. The writing is incredibly gifted and she has a way of making her characters stay with you long after you are done with the book. I honestly don’t want to return this book to the library. I might as well buy a copy from Indigo! 🙂 Guys, read this! 😛

Teen SRC 2018 – Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

Image result for anna dressed in blood
Cas Lowood has inherited three things from his father: the ability to see ghosts, a mysterious athame (blade) that only he can wield, and the job of killing the dead.

That was something his father did before him, before he was gruesomely murdered by the ghost he was trying to kill. Now, Cal travels the country with his kitchen-witch mother and spirit-sniffing cat, following legends and local lore to destroy the murderous dead.

After moving to a new home, Cal searches for a ghost the locals call Anna Dressed in Blood. He expected the usual: track, hunt and kill. What he found instead is a girl entangled in curses and rage, who still wears the dress she wore the day of her murder in 1958, once white, but now dripping red with blood. And, since her death, she has killed anyone and everyone to set foot in her home. But, for some reason, she lets Cal live after ripping the person that dragged him in the house in half.

This story was creepy, scary, and I loved it. Not recommended for people who can’t handle blood and guts.


Teen Book Review- I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga

Wow. Just wow. I Hunt Killers had me captured from the beginning to the end. I was I Hunt Killers - Lyga, Barrystunned by the author’s, (Barry Lyga‘s) choice of words. Throughout the whole book I felt as though I was walking in the protagonist’s shoes. This book is a about a boy named Jasper (Jazz) Dent who was raised by the world’s most notorious serial killer, Billy Dent. Ever since birth, Jazz was raised to kill, but now that he is 17, he knows that it’s not his destiny to be a serial killer. However, there are still flickers of doubt in his heart. Jazz never knows when he might slash out and murder… even if it’s his girlfriend, Connie. Billy Dent is no longer on the loose, but someone, going under the name ‘The Impressionist’, is following Billy Dent’s footsteps, and bodies are piling up… even faster than Billy’s kills.

Even though each page is more horrifying than the next, I kept on going, as if a strange force was willing me to go on. Along with the ‘I Hunt Killers‘ trilogy, the second and third books are: ‘Game‘ and ‘Blood of my Blood‘. One of my favorite book trilogies!

Teen Book Review- Game by Barry Lyga


YES! I FINALLY FINISHED BOOK 2 OF THE I HUNT KILLERS TRILOGY!!! Book 2, Game, was just as thrilling as the first! Jasper (Jazz) Dent, son of the most notorious serial killer in the world, helped Lobo Nod’s police catch his father several months ago, but an unfortunate event has let the killer (Billy Dent) escape from prison. Now, Billy Dent is on the loose, more ready to kill, than ever. But that’s the least of Jazz’s concerns. Another killer, named the ‘Hat-Dog Killer’ has the Big Apple in a panic. When a determined NYC detective comes running to Jazz for help, Jazz can’t turn him down, but he isn’t sure if it’s worth it. He has already solved a crime… but can he solve another one… and risk getting caught up with the killer’s murderous game?

Throughout the whole book, I found each page hair-raising and thrilling. I definitely recommend this book (but read the first book (I Hunt Killers) before this). Trust me, you won’t regret it! 🙂

Teen SRC 2017 – Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

Image result for miss peregrine home for peculiar children bookWhen I heard this title, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, my first thought was to watch the movie. But since I’m not a big fan of horror movies, I stopped watching it when I was halfway through. Instead, I read the book. Surprisingly, it was actually pretty awesome!

It’s about a boy named Jacob, who has a pretty interesting grandpa. Ever since Jacob was 5, his grandpa would tell him stories about monsters and unimaginable creatures. When Jacob turned 7, he thought those stories were a figment of the imagination and stopped believing them. Now that he’s 16, he’s forgotten all about his childhood stories. One day, his grandfather calls Jacob and tells him that something is chasing him, and warns Jacob not to come to his house, or Jacob will become a victim as well. Jacob, however, thinks that his grandfather is just drunk, so he and his friend, Ricky, drive to Jacob’s grandfather’s house… and find it empty.

Jacob, worried, goes searching in the woods and finds a trail of fresh blood. And the trail leads to his grandfather. Thankfully, his grandfather was alive enough to tell Jacob one last message: “Find the bird. In the loop. On the other side of the old man’s grave. Sep. Third 1940. Emerson. The letter.” Jacob just nodded. Then, Jacob saw a horrifying creature with tentacles sticking out of its mouth. Then, all went black. A couple of years after Jacob’s grandfather’s death, Jacob finally worked out what his grandpa’s last words meant. He was to go to the house for Peculiar Children.

I was really scared for Jacob when he ventured into the monster-filled woods alone, because like Miss Peregrine mentions in the book, monsters can lurk anywhere, at any time. I feel that Jacob should’ve been more careful when he was helping his peculiar friends awaken the dead, since he seems the most ‘ordinary’ of them all, and he can’t afford to lose his life at such a young age.

If I were the author, I would change the part where Jacob found his grandpa’s body in the woods almost instantly, because it would seem much more suspenseful, if Jacob had seen the monster, then blacked out.

I recommend this book to people who haven’t seen the movie because I usually like to read the book then compare it to the movie. It just seems much more fun than watching the movie, then reading a book that is almost the same, when you know what everything in the book looks like already. I give the book a 5 out of 5!