YES! I FINALLY FINISHED BOOK 2 OF THE I HUNT KILLERS TRILOGY!!! Book 2, Game, was just as thrilling as the first! Jasper (Jazz) Dent, son of the most notorious serial killer in the world, helped Lobo Nod’s police catch his father several months ago, but an unfortunate event has let the killer (Billy Dent) escape from prison. Now, Billy Dent is on the loose, more ready to kill, than ever. But that’s the least of Jazz’s concerns. Another killer, named the ‘Hat-Dog Killer’ has the Big Apple in a panic. When a determined NYC detective comes running to Jazz for help, Jazz can’t turn him down, but he isn’t sure if it’s worth it. He has already solved a crime… but can he solve another one… and risk getting caught up with the killer’s murderous game?

Throughout the whole book, I found each page hair-raising and thrilling. I definitely recommend this book (but read the first book (I Hunt Killers) before this). Trust me, you won’t regret it! 🙂