Wow. Just wow. I Hunt Killers had me captured from the beginning to the end. I was I Hunt Killers - Lyga, Barrystunned by the author’s, (Barry Lyga‘s) choice of words. Throughout the whole book I felt as though I was walking in the protagonist’s shoes. This book is a about a boy named Jasper (Jazz) Dent who was raised by the world’s most notorious serial killer, Billy Dent. Ever since birth, Jazz was raised to kill, but now that he is 17, he knows that it’s not his destiny to be a serial killer. However, there are still flickers of doubt in his heart. Jazz never knows when he might slash out and murder… even if it’s his girlfriend, Connie. Billy Dent is no longer on the loose, but someone, going under the name ‘The Impressionist’, is following Billy Dent’s footsteps, and bodies are piling up… even faster than Billy’s kills.

Even though each page is more horrifying than the next, I kept on going, as if a strange force was willing me to go on. Along with the ‘I Hunt Killers‘ trilogy, the second and third books are: ‘Game‘ and ‘Blood of my Blood‘. One of my favorite book trilogies!