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Teen SRC 2019: Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

‘Anna Dressed in Blood’ is a YA book about a ghost slayer and a murdered girl which came back as a ghost seeking for vengeance.

The protagonist, Cas Lockwood, is an eighteen-year-old (seemingly normal) guy with an unhealthy obsession for hunting down the ghost that killed his father when he was only a child. He is never affected by his decisions on which ghosts to kill, but that was before he met Anna. At first glance, he treats Anna as an average evil ghost. After (many) unsuccessful attempts to kill her, he starts to warm up to Anna, and eventually develops romantic feelings towards her.

However, this is a horror story after all. While Anna internally fights with an evil version of herself, she kills many more people (unwillingly) and raises suspicion around the town.

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Teen SRC 2019 – The Age of Myth by Michael J. Sullivan

The Age of Myth by Michael J. Sullivan

Raithe is a Dureyan boy who’s father is Copperblade, the best fighter of the clan. One day, Raithe and his father go over a river into the Forbidden Fields and the Fhrey owner attempts to chase them out. the Fhrey kills copperblade, but was betrayed by his slave and hit in the head by a rock. Raithe then killed the Fhrey and became known as the godkiller. The Fhrey hear of Raithe killing one of them and wage war on them.

What will happen of Raithe and his clan? I liked this book because it explained everything thoroughly and still had a lot of suspense. I think it will be better for mature readers, because it has a lot of death

Teen SRC 2019- Black Enough edited by Ibi Zoboi

Black Enough

Black Enough edited by Ibi Zoboi

Powerful, unique, and true. Black Enough is written by many different authors, and edited by National Book Award finalist Ibi Zoboi.

There can’t really be a synopsis about this book, because it comprises of 17 short stories about what it is like being young and black in America. The stories are diverse, powerful, and brutally honest. Some are full of light banter, but others are heavy and emotional. Some of my favourites were Half A Moon by Renée Watson, Warning: Color May Fade by Leah Henderson, The Ingredients by Jason Reynolds, Whoa! by Rita Williams-Garcia, Gravity by Tracey Baptiste and Hackathon Summers by Coe Booth. I found something special in all of the stories, though, and Black Enough was a beautiful read.

Because the stories were short, it was a relatively light read, and I give this book a 9/10. The only thing that slightly bothered me was that after every story, I had to adjust to the next story’s setting and characters faster than I would have to if I were starting a new novel. That can’t really be fixed, but if you have a tendency to dive deep into a story and immerse yourself in it, (like me) you’ll need to take a break between each short story. Nevertheless, I think Black Enough is an important collection of stories that everyone should read.

Teen SRC 2019- The Arsonist by Stephanie Oakes

The Arsonist

The Arsonist by Stephanie Oakes

Deep, heartfelt, and riveting. The Arsonist by Stephanie Oakes was a long read, but worth every minute of it.

Molly Mavity’s mother killed herself by jumping into the ocean after they ran away from her father together. Molly believes that her mother didn’t really die, and now that her father has been sentenced to death for the fires that killed numerous people, she knows her mother will return. When a clue pops up in the PO box she has been checking since her mother’s supposed death, Molly will do anything to find the answers.

Pepper Al-Yusef’s life isn’t going that well. His father, who is still grieving for the wife he lost when Pepper was born, thinks that going fishing and bringing the fish back home to their aquarium will somehow bring her back. It’s been a long time since Pepper’s lasts epileptic seizure, but he still needs to carry his ugly, drooling seizure dog, Betrand everywhere. He’s also too scared to ask Petra, his crush out, and this makes him the butt of his friends’ every joke. To make matters worse? He’s failing school. If he doesn’t finish writing thirteen long essays for every subject he’s failed, he won’t graduate high school.

Molly Mavity and Pepper Al-Yusef are tasked with finding out who murdered Ava Dreyman, a girl whose death who helped bring the Berlin Wall down, decades ago. In their journey for answers, they learn to come to terms with their own pasts, and Ava’s story helps them finish theirs.

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Teen SRC 2019 – Desert Dark by Sonja Stone

Desert Dark

Desert Dark by Sonja Stone

Deep, funny, and action-packed. Desert Dark by Sonja Stone was a compelling read, with many wonderful characters.

Nadia Riley would do anything to avoid school, ever since her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend. The answer to her prayers present themselves when a man invites her to go to Desert Mountain Academy, a government-funded school for qualifying students because of her exceptional talent at solving codes. Nadia readily agrees.

At her new school, Nadia soon finds out that she hasn’t been accepted to a normal school. In fact, Desert Mountain Academy is a training camp for future CIA agents! She also realizes that she was chosen as a replacement for a student that died in a car accident, and is behind everyone else because of her late start. Some of her teammates don’t hesitate to point out that she’s dragging them down with her. Worst of all? There is a traitor at Desert Mountain Academy, and everyone thinks it is her. After discovering a few pieces of incriminating evidence in her room, Nadia realizes someone is trying to frame her, and she has to find out who before it’s too late.

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Teen SRC 2019 – Love Is Both Wave and Particle by Paul Cody

Love Is Both Wave and Particle

Love Is Both Wave and Particle by Paul Cody

Different, important, and beautiful. Love is Both Wave and Particle written by Paul Cody is one of a kind.

Two troubled, yet brilliant teens, Levon and Samantha are assigned to work on a senior project together. They don’t know a thing about each other, but their school’s counselor, Meg thinks they’ll work well with each other.

Levon doesn’t know who his father is. It’s always put a strain on his relationship with his mother, Susan, and made him anti-social. Despite being smart and likable, Levon has no friends. He never thought he would want a friend, not until he meets Samantha. Samantha suffered from depression from as long as she can remember. Her suicide attempt a few months ago, though, forced her parents to realize what was going on, and after intense therapy, she starts at a new school. She is intrigued by Levon’s ability to understand her. Together, Levon and Samantha start on this journey of self-discovery, and understanding. They come to terms with their pasts, and look towards the future, one they might have together. There are ups and downs, but slowly they get to know, and learn to love each other.

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Teen SRC 2019- No One Else Can Have You by Kathleen Hale

No One Else Can Have You - Hale, Kathleen

No One Else Can Have You by Kathleen Hale

Dark, deceptive, and captivating. No One Else Can Have You by Kathleen Hale is about a gruesome murder that happens in the small, polite town of Friendship, Wisconsin.

Kippy’s best friend, Ruth Fried (pronounced freed, not fried like fried chicken) is murdered while making her way over to Kippy’s house for a sleepover. Her cheeks are forcibly filled with straw, her mouth is sewn shut, and she is hung from a tree, like a scarecrow. Kippy is horrified when she finds out, but most of all, she feels guilty. If she had gone to pick Ruth up, none of this would’ve happened. When Sheriff Staake arrests Colt Widdacome, Ruth’s boyfriend, Kippy is relieved. Dommy (Kippy’s dad) and her can leave the motel they’d been living in, go back to their house, she can hang out with her only other friend, Ralph Johnston, and it will all be almost like it was before.

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Teen SRC 2019 – The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

The Time Traveler's Wife

Henry DeTamble is a man with a genetic disorder that allows him to teleport through time with nothing except himself.  He can’t control where he ends up, when he teleports, and the time he teleports to. He also can’t change the future. He meets his wife Clare Anne Abshire when he teleports to the past.  He chats with her a lot and eventually get married.

This book is recommended for more dedicated and mature readers, because it requires about a month of constant reading to finish and has many inappropriate scenes.

Teen SRC 2019 – Warcross by Marie Lu

Warcross by Marie Lu

   WarCross is a futuristic book about a teenage girl name Emika, who finds her way into a VR tournament and must investigate on what’s wrong around her environment in a virual reality world and find crimminals. I enjoyed this book because I liked how the author was able to recreate how there are little holes everywhere in our lives and like in the book, the are various holes in the technological services. And being able to use knowledge and initiative to work together to fix both our personal and social problems. iwould recommend this book to teens who enjoy a good story with a techy side and readers who loved Ready Player One but want less of a post-apocalyptic world and more of a urban society.    

Teen SRC 2019 – Pretend She’s Here by Luanne Rice

Pretend She’s Here by Luanne Rice

Image result for Pretend She's Here by Luanne Rice

I enjoyed this book a lot but some parts were very scary even though it wasn’t the mature type of teen book. A book with new concepts really interests me and I had many friends suggest this book. It was certainly good but it was like half a horror story.

          Pretend She’s Here is a very dark story with quite some emotional parts inside. I did enjoy the book but it is very heartbreaking. There are frightening parts where it makes you tense up and urge you to read the next chapter. I would rate it 4 stars out of 5.

            Emily Lonergan and Lizzie Porter are the most loving best friends, they are almost like sisters to each other. Unfortunately, Lizzie Porter died of cancer and Emily and the Porter family were heartbroken. Lizzie was like Emily’s other half, while the Porters loves Lizzie dearly. Ever since Lizzie’s death, the Porter family has decided to move away and renew their life. The Porters are the only ones who understood how desperate Emily feels about Lizzie’s tragedy. Desperate enough to do something crazy.

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