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Pop-Up AR – Spots Still Available!

Pop-up books aren’t just for kids. Check out this pop-up book for The Walking Dead–it’s not for the faint of heart…

We are going to work together to create something quite unique and sinister. Our spooky book will walk readers through a haunted house. With the addition of augmented reality, readers will meet some otherworldly characters (HINT: you guys + green screen magic).

There are still spots open–sign up and tell a friend!





Dungeons and Dragons at the Library – Tavyn Highlander!

One of the players in our D&D group, Vana, has created a Tiefling magic user. (Art by Vana.) This is his backstory…

Adopted into an Elven noble family at the age of four, Tavyn Highlander came from old money. He was strange looking for a Tiefling, as he carried a very reptilian appearance. He showed a talent for evocation magic, as well as a love for trickery. He was raised with Lord’s training along with his older sister, Levanne, the blood daughter of his adoptive parents. By his early teens he was fluent in Common, Undercommon, Infernal, and Draconic, despite his parent’s distaste for the ‘lesser’ languages.

As he reached his late teens, he began to dream of a world outside his family’s house, escaping out of his window at night to explore the criminal underbelly of his home town.  He revealed to his sister Levanne that he had been leaving the house in the night, and she told of his escapades to their parents. Tavyn’s parents flew into a rage, and as punishment arranged his marriage to a fellow noble. That night, Tavyn escaped his house with a hefty amount of gold and left town, turning to the criminal underground to hide.

He now travels to escape his adoptive parents, discover the identity of his birth family, and find out who he really is.

Interested in playing D&D? Let us know! We have two spots open in our teen game that meets Tuesdays from 7-9pm.

Richmond Youth App Hackathon [12-16] – May 5th

Have you ever wondered how a video game comes together?
Register for the Richmond Youth App Hackathon on May 5th and find out!

Join us for an all-day event where you will work with a team to build your own video game. Take on the role of a programmer, animator, or sound designer! You will receive training from specialists, then join your team to create a game that will be showcased later in the day.

Did we mention that it is totally free?

Specialists will be joining us from Under the GUI.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops, but the Library will also have laptops available. Lunch is not provided.

Computer Science Foundations – March 23-April 27

Are you interested in learning more about computer science? Register for Computer Science Foundations. No previous knowledge required.

The Computer Science Foundations Crash Course is a 6-week long workshop series led by undergraduate students from the University of Waterloo, UBC, and SFU. Topics include syntax, data structure, and various algorithms.

The end goal? Code a program that will solve a Sudoku puzzle.

Check out this PDF for more info: CS Foundations

Digital Dungeons and Dragons- Ragnar’s Story

On Tuesdays from 7-9pm there is a 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons game for teens that takes place in the Brighouse branch Launchpad. Each game is run by Digital Services Tech (and author) James McCann.

Interested in joining? Spaces are limited, so click here to sign up!

Ragnar’s story…


Ragnar was born in an old draconic settlement called Volskyyge. His family was one of the warrior class families, and Ragnar was taught how to fight from the moment he could hold an axe. His mother, a high-ranking scholar at the local college, also taught him languages and problem solving. By the age of 15 he was not only fluent in Common and his native-tongue, but he was also proficient in two-handed-axe fighting and possessed respectable marksman abilities.

He was sent off to join the army at the legal age of 18 and, though he was discriminated and distrusted of by members of his unit, he quickly became a valuable asset to his platoon; proving himself at the battles of Doublecross and High Rock. His draconic heritage also proved useful to his unit as he could defeat large amounts of enemies in a short period of time. His platoon quickly ascended to a high position in his battalion, and the Legate in charge personally referred his unit for promotion to Special Operations.

Ragnar soon became a war hero, and was sent on many successful missions. However, dissent grew in the ranks, and an enemy spy planted deceit and traitorous thoughts in the ranks and minds of his men. Not knowing whom to trust, Ragnar acted too slowly and the traitors slaughtered his forces. Only he and a handful of loyal troops managed to escape. As the commanding officer, Ragnar was sent back to his family in disgrace.

His family, disgusted with him, sent him to the far off lands. His other squad members were given the same treatment, and all have connected with one another since. He has since made his base of operations in the Ruins of Giva, and has since done many mercenary jobs under the name “Rurik.” He has recently been accepted into a party that has set off for the Citadel of the Vampire Lords. The outcome of their quest still unknown.



written by Sam

March Special Programs

On Saturdays throughout March, the Richmond Public Library has some exciting new programs running in the Launchpad (Brighouse/Main Branch).

Do you love to play video games? Ever wanted to make an app? Ever wondered how much weight a popsicle stick bridge can hold? Come by the library this March!


MARCH 3: Game of Apps

The Game of Apps is a 16-week extra-curricular program where students from various Richmond secondary schools formed teams to compete in developing an iPhone or iPad app. The teams have been working with industry mentors (professional designers and developers) who have been coaching and exposing the students to the same tools and processes used in the tech industry. Come and see the final results of the teams’ projects, including their final pitch presentations and app demos, early prototypes and sketches, user testing results, source code, and much more!


MARCH 10: Science and Engineering Month Fair and Popsicle Stick Bridge Building Competition

Come join us for the annual Science & Engineering Fair and Popsicle Bridge Competition done in partnership with the Richmond/Delta Branch of the Engineers and Geoscientists of BC (EGBC).

This event is part of the National Engineering and Geoscience Month (NEGM). Enjoy displays and activities provided by engineering organizations, educational institutions, and engineering students. This is a free, drop-in event, open to everyone.

Join the Popsicle Stick Bridge Building Competition!
Build the strongest bridge you can with 100 popsicle sticks and white glue. Popsicle Stick Bridges will be tested on the day of the fair (March 10), using the famous EGBC bridge tester.

The three categories for the competition are:
1) Grade 10 and under,
2) Grade 11 and 12, and
3) Post-secondary students and professionals

The winners of each category will be awarded with a trophy.

To register, download the registration form from… or visit the Richmond Public Library Brighouse Branch to pick up a registration form.
Registration forms can be handed in at the library or emailed to

Purchase your own popsicle sticks and glue, or pick up a popsicle and glue kit package from the Brighouse Branch during month of February.


MARCH 17: Retro & New: Gaming Tournament & Showcase

Most people have played video games in the past, but have you played the games from the past? On March 17th come and experience the video games new and old on freeplay, and participate in our Donkey Kong, and Super Smash Bros. Tournaments! Hope to see you there!

Register for the tournament by speaking with a Library Staff member. You will be asked for your name, email or phone number, age and skill level: new player, beginner, intermediate or expert.

Please bring your Wii remote, nunchuck, Gamecube controller, Wii U Pro controller, or 3DS if you have any on hand.




Dungeons and Dragons – the Story So Far…

On Tuesdays from 7-9pm there is a 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons game for teens that takes place in the Brighouse branch Launchpad. Each game is run by Digital Services Tech (and author) James McCann.

Interested in joining? Click here to sign up!

The story so far…

A farmer’s cart has broken down on the road and wolves have attacked!

The world of Aloric had always been plentiful and peaceful, and stories of old wars and rivalries were just legend. Those who trained as soldiers did so to protect the lands from raiders and highwaymen, but wars between nations had not existed for more than a century.

Over the past few months, water in Aloric had been getting scarcer. Wells were running dry, and the water witches had not found new sources. The roads were becoming rife with bandits stealing not gold—but water from those who travelled.

Ragnar, a dragonborn fighter, and Ratath, an elfin warrior, had answered an ad posted all over town for adventurers willing to seek out water. As they sat in the inn they noted the tables full of wannabe adventurers.

“Welcome!” the mayor said. “Thank you for coming. This quest is of utmost importance…for we will be out of water within the year.”

“And what is this quest?” a halfling shouted from the back of the room.

The mayor cleared his throat uneasily and said, “To journey to the Citadel of the Vampires. To bargain a treaty with them, as they are responsible for the last of Aloric’s water.”

Even before the mayor had finished his words beyond “vampire,” the inn had cleared out. Except for Ragnar, Ratath, a dwarven mage, and a goblin rogue.

“They call me Brikt,” the goblin said to those who were left. “My king has sent me here to also bargain. But we believe that war is imminent with the vampires, and only those wielding the Five Magical Weapons of Lore have a chance at defeating the creatures of dark.”

The mayor sighed and started to speak. His words mumbled until he gave up altogether. He sat, slumping in a chair and looking tired.

“This is a chance for me to redeem what I have done wrong,” Ragnar whispers. Then out loud: “I will do it!”

“As will I,” said Ratath. The dwarf, Baulder, added something about going where he might learn better magic.

The mayor looked at the troupe and nodded. “Where you go will be dangerous. But we are thankful for your willingness.”

And so their story began!

To be continued…

Digital Storytelling Series [Ages 10-14]

Calling all aspiring creative writers!

Have you ever wanted to write your own book? Or make a text-based choose your own adventure game? The Digital Services Team at the Richmond Public Library will be offering a three-part digital storytelling series this February to help you explore new ways of planning and creating stories online.

We’ve developed these programs to appeal to talented young artists-in-the-making like yourselves (ages 10-14).

Sign up for individual workshops. We hope to see you there!


Inkle – Choose Your Own Adventure Story

Want to write your own adventure story where the reader gets to choose the ending? Want to write that story as a simple, text-based video game? Inkle provides the tools, you provide the inspiration! Our digital services team will help you craft your story and learn how to turn it into a video game!



StoryMap JS

Create a map that tells a story with StoryMap JS. StoryMap can help you visualize the geographical context of your story, or help you map out your family’s last road trip. Add images, tweets and videos to bring your story to life!


SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 25th, 2018 

True Novelist – Write Your Own Novel!

Do you have a story in you wanting to get out? Do you have trouble organizing your research, keeping track of characters, creating places? True Novelist is free online software that is designed to help you achieve your word goals and do all the heavy lifting, leaving you free to write!

Where Does the Dungeons and Dragons Game Take Place?

Dungeons and Dragons takes place in fantasy worlds like Lord of the Rings, Elves of Shannara, or King Arthur. These worlds are made up by the Dungeon Masters–sometimes from scratch or perhaps with a little help from other Dungeon Masters.

Where will the Dungeons and Dragons game that will begin January 9, 2018 take place? The World of Aloric! An original fantasy-scape created by digital services tech, James. He created the map using an online world generator called donjon, and the rest was generated from his own imagination.

The Ruins of Minas Govi is where the characters start. This city has existed on the brink of desolation for several generations, but now faces its most serious threat: the desert is running dry of water wells.

This is going to send the would-be heroes (played by YOU) on a quest to those who control the waters in the west, the Vampire Lords. However, along for the journey is a goblin raider who tells the tale of five mystical weapons that just might mean the difference between life and death — if the vampires choose to be less than helpful. But can this goblin be trusted?

Join our Dungeons and Dragons game and find out!